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August 31, 2007


Beware of falling trout.

(Thanks to Joeski)


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i always wondered where flying fish come from.

As God is my witness, I thought trout could fly!

*breaks out the tune*

"It's raining trout now, haliahlua, it's raining trout..."

*considers taking fish net on next hiking trip - easy lunch*

Trout drop!

Like the old saying, Birds gotta swim, fish gotta fly...

So, maybe "dropping trou" doesn't mean what I thought?

*SNORK* @ Lairbo!!

And kibby - I'm still waiting for the Weathergirls' version to come true....

kibby, thanks for the wonderful earwig!! LOVE IT!

*sees his job is done*

So now this scene is playing through my mind.

There you are, recently finished with your rehab and finally feeling at peace with the world.

You're out hiking in the high country of Colorado, breathing in the sweet, fresh air, feeling the warm sun on your face and just generally thinking that finally, this time you've got things under control.

You're approaching a beautiful little secluded lake, thinking happy thoughts, and barely noticing the sound of a small aircraft's approach.

Then a mass of trout rains down upon you, spearing out of the heavens like piscatorial thunderbolts in some weird Zeus / Posiedon dust-up.

Off come the hiking boots and out of the heel comes that little stash you tucked away in 'the old days' - the one they never found and you'd nearly forgotten about.

Will I need a fly fishing permit for this?

Would "Cutthroat Cargo" BAGNFARB?

Oh, and they just told the terrorists how to mark their planes to get away with their poisoning of small, high-altitude lakes.

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