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August 28, 2007


(Thanks to Russell Mc, who adds that the headline writer has "never been to a Dem/Rep political convention")


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We're small-brained! Definitely small-brained.

How am I going to explain this to my inner child? Skepticism overwhelms any chimp instincts I have been fighting.

Definitely not true. We are much, much less.

Is that the girl for "The Ring"?? in that picture?

or a Miss Teen USA of America pageant.

So, how does a rhesus monkey pronounce "goo goo gah gah. Woo aw such a cute wittewl baby?" Just askin'.

I refer to the Masters and Johnson, Dr. Phil, Dr. Ruth findings on this matter. Like they all said, "whatever will be, will be....Supercalifragilisticexpealidoucious."

*flexes Von Economo neurons*

Sneaks up and steals lilrascal's extraneous u for superlative spelling purposes.

It seems like there was a recent example of how humans often lack empathy, guilt and compassion. Maybe we're not as developed as the author seems to think.

pssst...cj - those are your Von Economo MORons.

Baron, now you're just showing off!

Thank U, Thank U very much, SioUxie

I disagree with this statement:

A ma­jor dif­fer­ence is that an­i­mal be­hav­iors ap­pear to be mainly adapta­t­ions fo­cused on a sin­gle goal such as food-seeking, he wrote, where­as hu­man be­hav­iors have an in­fi­nite num­ber of goals.

I only ever have one goal in mind!

The word most misspelled in internet history. Quiet. Or Quite. Be Quite. Your are quite quiet today.

Three goals for me, Sheddy... to paraphrase our illustrious blog, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of more beer.

me too, sheddy, and mine has nothing to do with eating. well, food, anyway.

What is it called when your fingers will not type what you are thinking? Besides being a distracted, reformed obsessive-compulsive disorder poster boy? I notice I can't write either lately? I'm either almost dead or can't spell either either.

I thought that teh most misspelled word in internet history was teh.

oh my, judi!!

(btw, how was "Sublime"???)

teh is common blog language. Being quite is when you don't have much to say.

Well. Perhaps morons are better than lessons.

lilrascal: please be quite... something.

*note to self - get rid of Cuban @ss before posting on another thread*

@Cj and Baruun

text messaging tips

siouxie - that may take a few more spinning classes...unless you're talking about your ex.

LOL lilrascal! very funny!


I know Annie. Spinning tonight!!

*got rid of the OTHER Cuban @ss years ago!*

But I thought you had a cute Cuban @sset.

So, a difference is the von Economo cells, which cause "social emotions such as empathy, guilt and embarrassment."

This means Mark Twain was right: Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to.

the US Congress - the Senate in particular- clearly has a deficit of von Economo neurons ..... I was was wondering what made them the most exclusive club in the world ...no von Economo neurons and still able to dress for black tie affairs

So ... as to typos ... or "brain lapses" ... why does the writer (?) spell "animal(s)" as "an mals" or "an mal" ... TWICE in the same story?

A clear case of a dearth (not death) of "i"s ... ?

Picture Caption:
"an­i­mal ac­tions usu­al­ly cen­ter on nar­row ob­jec­tives like food or sex"
This sounds like my dear husband...and their point is?

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