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August 24, 2007



(Via Gizmodo)


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Dave, you need to get one of those for your travels. No more LOUD yappity yappin!

I so need that.

That is the bestest news, ever!

Duct tape over the mouth works better, but unfortunately it's not legal in all countries either.

It'd be good for movie theaters...

And dinner dates with buttheads...

(I'm sure others can add to this list...)

Teenagers talking/txting excessively.

THAT's perfect for it.

"OMG MOM!!! I can't get the phone to work!!"



Oooh. I want one. I wonder if it works in traffic...

Perfect for the stalker who wants to disconnect you from the world.

Afraid I can't join the consensus here and before you start ordering, I'm pretty sure the US is one of the countries it's outlawed in. I seem to remember it coming to a head when hotels wanted to install something like this so guests would have to use the expensive in room phones and the FCC said nope.

And DD it's pretty inconvenient for the neighbor who's trying to call 911.

Speaking from experience....

I just stare at the yappers. It's cheaper.


I just use blackmail. Turn the $&%#* thing off or I'll tell your wife who you were prattling with this time. And don't think I don't know her number, you called her yesterday.

I just use blackmail. Turn the $&%#* thing off or I'll tell your wife who you were prattling with this time. And don't think I don't know her number, you called her yesterday.

Trust Mr. Sadist to double post. God he's annoying.

*will have to go back to stalking the old-fashioned way*

*follows Dave*

Just call out in a sultry voice, "C'mon sweetie, hang up the phone and come back to bed." Works great on folks of either sex.

fivver, let's hear that sultry voice...

Several of the bars in St. Paul have these. I'm not sure why; you'd think the bar owners would want drunk patrons to be able to call for a ride, rather than attempting to drive.
I don't know why someone needs to go to all of the trouble of inventing a blocking device; buildings, elevators, and clear skies seem to make mine lose service.

RIGHT with you fiv. *nods head*

Fiv - I've tried it. Sometimes it backfires and a creep follows you home. I'm running out of places to bury the bodies.

Here ya go, Siouxie.

Fivver - I'm yours for life.... *SALACIOUS DRRRROOOOOOOOOOOL*

oh man, fivver!!


Just checked and yeah, it's illegal here. In fact from the FCC law: The manufacture, importation, sale or offer for sale, including advertising, of devices designed to block or jam wireless transmissions is prohibited.

Yeah, Desk Diva, that's exactly what I was thinking!

Bus and vehicles (imagine how you can finally have a good undisturbed nap)

Just the thing for tired drivers. Eek!

Whatever happened to the wonderful tradition of just telling the offender to shut their trap?

This is my preferred method of alerting cell phone users to the publicity of their often inane conversations and the fact that I do not wish to listen to them unless they intend to fill me in on the remainder of the prurient and salacious facts.

Additional cards are also available.

TOTALLY OT but had to share.

-- John Evander Couey is sentenced to death for the abduction, rape and murder of a 9-year-old Florida girl in 2005.

Thank God. Sometimes there is justice.


Yes, Siouxie. Sometimes there is. How idescribably tragic. :'(

swoon, Fiver! The main reason I keep AOL, is that they offer numerous alternatives to the "You Got Mail" voice...one of which is Barry White. So each morning when I turn on the computer, I hear "Mornin, baby...now where you been, baby? You got mail", which, in turn, turns ME on. At night, it's his deep "goodbye, baby" that sends me off. swoon, again just thinkin' about it.

um..sorry ;-)

Didn't mean to ruin a perfectly good thread.

*puts on Barry White cd*


Siouxie, you didn't.

Siouxie, that's great news. There is no such thing as 'rehabilitation' of sex offenders. Many studies have been done on the subject and nearly every expert in the field agrees. I'm sorry to have to say this but "kill them all, let God sort them out". normally, I'm non-violent but sex crimes make me totally crazy.

News(?) Flash:
There is a rumor that Fidel is dead. Apparently, Eighth Street is partying.
Meanwhile, I've seen nothing on cnn.com or reuters.com

Yessss! The inventor should get a Nobel Prize or something.

El? How did you hear?

'Scuse me, ec - I meant you, of course! Silly me.

At the moment, ec, it looks as though the US gov't is denying the reports.

wicked, same here. I'd even volunteer to flip the switch or use hot wax...whichever takes longer ;-)

btw - in other world news - we are once again starting to hear the rumors about Fidel Castro's death. This is the 357th time he has died (this year). I will, of course, keep you all posted.

*dusts off her cazuelas for the inevitable parade*

acck..ec beat me to it!

Really! I'm feeling mush baytter!

Hi DD,
I came back from a (late) lunch. My entire department was a-buzz. very little work gettin' done. Then, I heard about the rally on Eighth Street.
Now Sioux, don't exaggerate. This is only the fourth time this year that he's died.
Methinks he has been dead, but until it is convenient, the CIA won't release the info. However, the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew is a big enough reason to celebrate.

Geez - has it really been 15 years?! Wow. Time flies when you're running from the weather....

ec, meet you in Calle Ocho!!

hey, ec...I'm Cuban. We exaggerate!

Have fun, Sioux! I'm a-headin' in the other direction, for sure!

Hey Sioux, I'd look for you on the evening news, but I'll be busy.

Now I hear that he has a blood infection and is not expected to recover. Oh great, now donations to the Community Blood Service here will drop radically. Everyone will be afraid that theirs would be part of the transfusion that's sent to save him.

I'm off to get my pots and pans!!!

For those of you among the uninformed, pots & pans are Cuban noisemakers.
Sort of like a shivaree in the South & Mid-west... only this celebration isn't for newlyweds, of course.

Surfing any news I can find and all that's out there right now are a lot of articles from today that Cuba's Foreign Minister is claiming Fidel is fine. So odds are he's taking the dirt nap, assumed room tempertature, food for worms...

I already knew that, EC. It's how you drive your parents/babysitter crazy when you're 8 when it's raining and you can't go out.

Well, I knew they weren't for blood donations!

To continue for fivver, DRT (dead right there), Tango Uniform (t!ts up), pushing up daisies... OK, I'll stop now.

CJ - are you another Boortz fan?

*waves at CJ*

I used to have the barry white sounds but my computer got a virus, I've got a new pc now but am no longer an aol member can anyone send me the barry white sounds.


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