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August 29, 2007


(Thanks to rsierra)


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First to be bummed out?

At least she's not getting out of a car. That might end it for all of us.

She's also sporting the deer-in-the-headlights look which always makes me ask, "Good Drugs?"

You can the trash out of the trailer but you can't take the trailer out of the trash...or something to that effect.

Maybe she decided to get religion and chose "Moonie".

I just do not get that at all.

For Bethie from Edgar's Open Source Explanations of Obscure Jokes

Yikes! Two open cans of Spam in a floral mini-dress!

*snork* @ Moonie!

*weeps for Britney's thighs children.*

Wow - she was on Brighton in Bev Hills, my old shoppin' stompin grounds. That is NOT tolerated there by anyone.

Although this whole story is suspect - when was the last time you saw a British tabloid say someone was charged with inadequate dental hygiene?

I've had that dream where I'm being chased by paparazzi and I haven't got pants on....

No, Edgar, I get that, I mean why would someone want her ass hanging out like that. I don't get it.


Are there NO mirrors in the trailer park?

Merely asking...

UGH, can someone please buy that woman some underwear??? and better looking extensions? oh and some class?

I'll say one thing. People around her must be keeping her away from these images. I can't believe she has seen her public image. She must be in a cloud of drugs and alcohol. It runs the gamut all the way up through older people like Downey and Nolte. At least Moms can have a forfeit in the 'sleezy gals' discussion with boys.

CJrun, I think she does this on purpose. She doesn't care what we think of her. We never bought her "music" anyway. But at this point, her last loyal fanbase are those who like her being trashy. She is doing this for them.

(Britney's) last loyal fanbase are those who like her being trashy. She is doing this for them.

If "trashy" is the secret of Britney's appeal, then her "last loyal fanbase" must logically be TMZ, The Smoking Gun, Defamer, The Superficial, Agent Bedhead, and a bunch of supermarket checkout-line tabloids.

At this point, is there anyone interested in Britney that doesn't have a camera and a media hack on his speed-dial?

Maybe in the face of all her bad publicity, she's decided to just turn the other cheek.


aaaaack!!!!!!!!!! that's not a dress!! it's a shirt!!! Someone help the poor girl! next time she'll just go out in bra & panties!

For some reason I can't even remember the last time I had cottage cheese . . .

MKJ, I've never seen cottage cheese with curds that big.

That girl is not going to make it to age 30.


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