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August 26, 2007



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I'm not heavy; he's my brother

*Snorklet* @ this being on 'shortnews.com'! Those wacky Germans.

The comments are hilarious. Even though some of them are rather short.

i agree, the comments are as good as the story...

Ok..now THIS one I did send in, Edgar...so there! Dave found it first..so YAY for Dave!!

I read this and couldn't imagine NOT knowing who I was in bed with. Was she stooopid?? blonde? Or maybe...she LIKED having s3x with the brother and didn't care to complain ;-)

Personally I'd just give my brother a dope slap and say "What re you thinking?".

Strangely, the brother didn't seem to mind picking up the slack. Seems like once he was inserted into the situation, he gave it his all.

LOL Suzy...seems like he was really into it, huh?

So, I guess we know who was the "big" brother.

I gut nuthin'. Still in a sugar coma.

I guess with the first guy, she said, "Oh, brother, where are thou?"

Love is but a song we sing
and fear's the way we die,
You can't make the mountains ring
or make your girlfiend sigh,
Tho' the bird can't see a thing
and you're afraid to try.

C'mon people, now
just use your brother,
ev'ry-body get together,
try to love one another right now.

Ohmygosh. Even with the lights off, how could she not know?

And even if she couldn't tell the difference, you'd think the whole "lights and bathroom" routine would've clued her in.

jeez, ubetcha - I used to play that song in folkmass!

OK Siouxie, I tip my hat to you and also to Dave.

He's not really MANfred is he?

I did NOT send this in because....I'm a lady.

I hope he at least managed to watch. Poor bastard.

ubetcha - yes he did. I have video, but it's low quality and all the moaning's in German. I'd share it but...I'm a lady.

Annie, 'scuse me for sayin', but if you've got the video you ain't no lady.

Moaning in German has gotta be harsh. And I don't think his peni$e size was his only problem.

A true lady would share.

Yes, Lady Annie. You are.

She could give him a consolation gift . . .

The road is looong.. But but his peeeniiiss, not so much...Behind bathroom door..

He ain't heavy, he's duh brother.

I am not my brother's keeper.. But in this case I'll make an exception..

*wonders if the brothers 'measured' and that's how they decided who would do the doin'*

Oooooh, brother.

Could someone please explain why rape is humorous?

Here's hoping both brothers are prosecuted and rot in prison so they get to experience the victim's side of rape, many many times a day...

Lauren, no one here finds rape humorous. We do, however, find teeny weenies humorous, because, well, they just are.

Please understand that though we laugh here, in the real world, most of us are out chasing rapists, child abusers and murderers with very sharp machetes.

Okay, that's only Siouxie, but the rest of us want to.

Announcement: I didn't send this in either.

Announcement - I did not tell jeffy to copy me again.

I thought Siouxie was an accountant?? Does she moonlight?

Suz, I am an accountant by day, a machete vigilante by night.

I always told my little brother he had a small penis in hopes of one day pulling off this kind of scam.

So if I'm reading this story correctly, the brother had sex with the girlfriend for 2 whole months before she turned the light on? They must have been exhausted.

So I guess he had it in for his brother?

Cyrano de Bergerac had nothin' on this guy.
There otta be a limerick here...

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