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August 27, 2007


Jesus wept.

(Thanks to Layla Bohm)


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Looks more like a Red Guard to me.

Che Guevara, with white sideburns.

$5 says that piece of fence is on Ebay tomorrow.

I think the fence looks like it needs painted. That's just my opinion though.

Didn't take Nike long to give her an endorsement contract.

jesus also snorked and spewed pepsi out his nostrils.

Looks kinda like that country singer with the bad mullet to me. You know the one... yeah that left nostril twangin', pick up truck crooner what's-his-name.

Does it look like Him or not? I don't know. I'm on the fence about it.

*nostril simul with mud... twisted minds think alike, apparently

What's Jesus doin' hangin' out with Kilroy?

Is knot!

Looks like Johnny Damon - during the Red Sox days, o'course.

Can't be Fidel. He's not dead yet.

what i wanted to say was 'does this fence make my butt look fat?' but i thought that was a little too disrespectful.

Maybe it's some bodily residue from the streaker kid, he was probably pretty scared when the cops found him.

judi, there's plenty of room in the blog handbasket.


Woodja' think Ms Garcia has an active imagination? Give her a Jackson Pollack & let her go town!

This blog is busy w/Lodi items.

I saw where Michael Vick mntioned something about a fence coming into his life.

Looks like one of the Geico Cave Men to me...just saying.

Lodi, the new Sandusky!

mud - i've missed you this last week. :-)

PS - Good to know Jesus is a Pepsi™ man, mud.

mud, Baron....my first thought, too....

Maybe Jesus is picketing Lodi.
"Oh, Lord, stake in Lodi again."

Seems like He would be more of an RC man...

I don't see anything except a knot. Is that cause Jesus isn't there, or cause I'm a Jew?

Edgar, it's because it's a knot.

If you look carefully, you may see Him in this . . .

...or not a knot.

Shouldn't that be, "Oh, Lord, strike in Lodi again"?

He looks kinda like the Jesus on South Park to me.

Lairbs: there's another one?

She thinks Jesus, "might want peace". Or no, maybe war, maybe definitely war. Or a Coke, or latte. What do you get a knothole in the wood?

Who knew?


I think that lady would look better in a frozen t-shirt.

Not far off, that looks like Lemmy.

I've posted this before, butt it seems appropriate not to leave it behind.

Doggone, Annie?

Lessee... Jesus was a middle-eastern Jew, and would looked a great deal like an Arab. And that knot looks like a Star Wars character. Hmmmm.

Lodi's my hometown. Woo.
Two strange things in as many days; things are really heating up!

"When asked what she thinks Jesus symbolizes on the fence, Garcia said she wasn't sure, except that he wants to be seen more." So being seen in water stains, trees, a potato chip, and a frying pan isn't enough? Is it just me or does Jesus seem like an attention hog?

Edgar, I was thinking the same thing. I think we both should stay out of this debate. ;)

*wonders why no one ever sees Moses*

Jesus looks like a Neanderthal! Giant forehead, unibrow and a pug nose!

It's a Cylon with a hood.

MKJ, et al: Click here and scroll to the next to the last entry from the bottom for my final thoughts on the whole matter.

Or is He simply reminding us that "Love thy neighbor" = Tall fences make for good neighbors?

Cobra Commander!

Regarding OUR LADY OF LODI (Who thinks that knothole is her fence is Jesus,) History never acknowledged any depiction of JC as authentic.
No living person can prove He/She
posed for a portrait.

ALTHOUGH, my own wife believes I am
J C.

Every time I do something wrong,
(Her opinion) she'll throw up her hands and scream," J#$%$ C{&!$T,"
"What the H3!! are you doing now?"

"He might want peace," she said.

Oh sure, where was she when Miss South Carolina was struggling for an answer.

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