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August 29, 2007


It's like a dream come true.

(Thanks to Rob White)


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sign me up!!!!!!!!

When I received my order, it looked as if it had pieces of ear in it. That's just yucky!

snork @ CJ

You know, as much as I love the likes of Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, etc., I can honestly say I have no desire for a stool sample from any of them...

So, why, in the name of all that's holy (or possibly unholy) would I want some from that butt munch.... (or ear munch).

toenail clippings! How much do they go for?

What'll he use for brains now?

Snork at Jec666!!

I didn't know he had any brains to begin with...

This is me passing.

As in moving beyond, not cr.. um sh.. um po.. um nevermind.

*wonders quality of drugs left in celebrity poo.*

Dave - you misspelled that. It's N-I-G-H-T-M-A-R-E.

If Mike Tyson is not making any money off of this, I have to ask one question: Is he donating his sh!t out of the goodness of his heart, or is someone following him into public bathrooms and hoping he doesn't flush?

I couldn't even read this. Ick.

Diva, are you sick or something? Or are you just being a drama queen?

How do you authenticate $h!t?

PT Barnum was really, really correct. Do they sell this "stuff" in China?

Suzy, I am a drama queen, but I am also, sick at home today. :) I just like sympathy and attention.

When examining bits for certification...ear bits=Tyson;
cell phone bits=bear

Is it just me or does the picture of the sh!t seem to have a tattoo and two gold teeth?

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