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August 24, 2007


We have absolutely no idea what this is about, but we, as a woman, are in full support.

Key quote: The players took turns showing off their pads one by one, much to the delight of the crowd of onlookers.

(Thanks to Rob White)


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I TOTALLY agree.

That's why Tom Brady™ is my baby's Daddy!

(I highly recommend all you blog-gals tackle yourselves a quarter back!)

will "the herd" be naked? if so, I vote yes too, judi!

It doesn't matter, Siouxie - WE'LL be nekkid, so the herd'll be stampedin'!

Durned 19th Amendment....

"We get to know them a little more personally here. You are more willing to support a program when you know the people involved."

*volunteers for a position as an athletic supporter.*

"It's a lot of fun to get off..."

Again...I agree.

and all the men say - "bring on the cheerleading clinic"!

I am SHOCKED at your lecherous comments, SHOCKED I tell you.

Actually the only thing I'm shocked at is that Siouxie and Double-D aren't in the front row, asking that cute tight end if he wouldn't mind showing them just ONE more little bitty time how he gets those pants on, they're so tight and he must be SO strong...

Those boys will probably get back to the dorm and realize their athletic underwear is stuffed with small bills.

oh boys, c'mere... but what the hell is the 'event'? the game? a party? a naughty party???

pad, we WOULD be there but judi and Punkin got there first.

*waiting for the wide receiver*

Blog gals: Go here for a photo that, in my opinion, probably sums up what this event was REALLY about for the female fans in attendance (sorry I don't know how to create the link...gotta take that basic HTML course sometime):


nmrn - The Falcons used to have their training facility in the town where I live and every year they'd hold a community blood drive. The perks for donating were you got a ticket to a pre-season game and the Falcon cheerleaders were on hand to help folks. A good time every year.

I don't know what it is either, judi, and I even read it, but if the women there are happy, then I am too. :)

Sometimes what is important is careful penmanship . . .

Kramden's Delicious Marshall!

Scott's lovely link

I can't bear to read it, picturing what "pads" they may be. I once had a friend who had her leg in a cast for 8 weeks and 3 men were begging her for it. I don't care what pads they are. Just ewwwwwww.

The players took turns showing off their pads one by one

I'm sorry, I thought I stumbled back to the Tyco/Always thread again.

hello nice site!

Football. That's the game where the ball has pointy ends,like Stewy's head, right?

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