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August 31, 2007


Be on the lookout.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Underwear rustling, a new low?

Jules? As in Family Jules?

Being new, I guess there weren't any "tracks" to follow.

Now now CJrun, we don't make fun of people names.

CJ, I'm already ordering you the mesh genie pants so forget about getting some of these!!!

Who ever dreamed we'd see Siouxie's name in the same sentence as men's briefs? Congrats!

Sio, those mesh suits would be soooo great for protection from skeeters! And I could drag them with me while snorkeling, to catch shrimp. The tide is nearly high... I wonder if I can sneak out now? Oooo! I know! This dang thing is portable and will work just fine at the beach! LLAATTEERR!

More of a propositional phrase, or a subordinate clause.

NE lawyers around? Would this be an example of an "illegal brief"?

Why am I not surprised that Siouxie is linked with another underwear story?

NTTAWWT, I hasten to add.

Now THAT'S getting into somebody's knickers!

I read the news today, oh boy
Ten thousand shorts in Rugby, Warwickshire
And though the shorts were extra small
Somebody stole them all
Now they know how many boys that Michael Jackson's shopping for
He loves to put them on...

Probably headed to France. There's a place in France where the people don't wear pants.

Annie & Jeff, I would much rather be de-briefing (iykwim and I think you do) ;-)

and a brief *snork* @ Stevie!!!

CJ, I knew you'd find good uses for the mesh pants!

*Must refrain from making comments about shrimp in Cj pants*

LMAO Cheryl!!

shhhhhhhhhhhh he's probably at the beach right now trying on the mesh pants!

CJ says the sand drains out better with the mesh. That's his story and he's sticking to it...literally.
Also, as far as shrimp go, he says he prefers crabs.


CJ has crabs? Ouchie indeed!

hmm better than one of those vampire sphincter squids...

which, if no one has said it yet...

"The Vampire Sphincter Squids" wbagnfa punk band.

Sphincter? I nearly wrecked 'em!

Step 1: Steal underpants
Step 2: ...
Step 3: Profit!

Scott - loved that show! Unfortunately, it's very common, and not as funny, here at work.

Yeah, especially the step 2 part.

That's the part I'm supposed to supply.

You're #2?

I decided a long time ago that the safest place to be when I'm shooting skeet is on the dang skeet. A buddy of mine and I were shooting from the upper deck of his boat and he took the shot gun away from me and handed me a double barrel, saying "Here. This way when you shoot a hole in my boat you can shoot another one in it to let the water back out."

This afternoon I have decided that the safest place for a fish to be when I'm spear fishing is right in front of me. Although I did hit a fine oyster.

This concludes your Mesh Pants update.

*sigh* Yes, Annie, I get, uh, dumped on.

I went skeet shooting with my manager once. He decided the best way to shoot it was to try to hit it right out of the launcher. Quel idiot. He's no longer with us.

And no, I won't tell you where the body is.

Major heist with knockout gas?.... sounds like the work of the Riddler or the Penguin.....
Holy Fruit of the Loom , Batman!

Major heist with knockout gas?.... sounds like the work of the Riddler or the Penguin.....
Holy Fruit of the Loom , Batman!

Must get briefed by Comissioner Gordon...

Sort of an 'old thread' test post. This new laptop has some strange behaviors.

On the skeet post, I left out some details. I can shoot targets well, but haven't figured out (nor put time into) the moving targets.

When my buddy handed me the double barrel, he had seen me hit something like 3 skeet in a row, with the wadding. It was as if in slow motion; I fired, missed, we looked at each other, then watched the slow moving wadding hit the skeet. I apparently lead a bit.

End test\

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