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August 27, 2007


(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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Psychic Detective material.

"I see stupid people."

One of the most intelligent women I ever knew gave up a lucrative career in criminology to go do this.


"Sometimes I see them so close, I see the stubble on their face."

To look clean cut
Beyond the grave
Make sure you take
Your Burma Shave.

*snork* @ Ford79

Congrats to Annie!

And - $40 for a message from beyond seems like a reasonable price to me.


Yo, Eleanor! How's it going? Thank you very much. Send the $40 to my mama.

Ghosts don't shave? Who gnu?

One born every minute, they are.
-- P.T.Yoda

YAY to Annie!

Mikey said what I would have - that's why I own a tshirt that says just that:

*I see stooooooopid people*

Hey everyone! Stop making fun! Elvis just talked to me.

Will do, Elvis! *smooch*
pssst Elv, are you still dying your hair black?

*does the 'I got posted' dance*
I wondered why this was in the 'Living' section. And nice 'campfire story' comment by Dave/judi.

"Sometimes I see them so close, I see the stubble on their face," Ulch says.

Unfortunately Gillette has been unable to break into the afterlife market at this time but research involving frozen t-shirts is being conducted.

Whew! I'm glad i qualify for the senior discount.

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