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August 29, 2007


...will not be surprised by this.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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First not to be surprised, or to have attempted to wake a teen.

Not that is a sound sleeper!

His sister said her brother often sleepwalked. The boy hadn't taken drugs or drunk any alcohol.

What the heck. This guy might as well start.

We went to an air show a while ago. The Dread Daughter fell asleep on the tarmac and slept through the Blue Angles show. I have, in the past, used the garden hose on her when waking up was necessary but not actually happening.

Yep. I can SO see this happening. Another use for the "cazuela banging" is as ateenager alarm. It works like a charm.

So glad I'm not the only one that has had to go to extremes...

We moved a lot when I was growing up and amazingly my bed always seemed to wind up in a direct line of site with the hall light. All mom had to do was open door, turn on light.

What's it take to get a little sleep around here? An arm and a leg?

Wow. Makes me glad we live in a single story house and that my 16 year old doesn't sleep walk.

My son, age 14, on the other hand, not only sleepwalks, he can carry on a conversation (because you think he's awake). He also sleeps with his eyes open. ISIANMTU.

sleeping with eyes open... Hoob I could have really used that gift in school. Or right now.

Noob Noob Noob Noob Noob, (sigh) Parents are such suckers. Just because your son says he was asleep doesn't mean he actually was asleep. Does this sound familiar?

You: Brandon, you said you would mow the lawn today so could go out on Saturday night.

Brandon: I did? I must have been asleep. Yeah, that's it... asleep.

You: Well, OK then. Be home by 10 o'clock.

a radio morning show around here offers a marching band wake up. They'll sneek a contingment of Mummers into your sleeping teenagers bedroom and...well wake 'em up.

The boy hadn't taken any drugs or alcohol.

Okee dokee.

Random, no worries on the nickname. It's only because I'm anal retentive about spelling that I get it right every time.

I know my son does, in fact, sleep with his eyes open. His sister used to argue with me that he was awake, but said argument (taking place right next to him) never so much as caused him to twitch. It's kinda creepy to see, really.

And he likes to cut grass. (He gets paid - money is a great incentive...who knew?)

Continued sleeping?

I'm glad I don't have his doctors.

It would be nice to hsve sleep studies done on these people. I wonder how i are the alpha waves while they sleep are.

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