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August 29, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat14)


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New Zealanders have nothing to do including experiencing the laurels of ownership of guns. Figures.

Whewwwww FINALLY caught up on the posts!

I will admit that I LOVE mayo, but I would NEVER...EVER drink it.


WW II: Nippon 0, Allies 1
Post War Boom: Nippon 1, Allies 0
Heart Disease: Nippon 0, Allies 1

Guess we go best of 5.

OH MY GOSH, that sounds delicious! Just when I thought there wasn't another use for mayo, I am pleasantly surprised! I feel like a bug just bit my butt!

Think I'll just sit over at the old blog bar and have a Miller High Life. Not much on the salad dressing drinks myself.

Rick, I think I'll join ya! Boxed wine for me, hold the mayo.

Siouxie, as long as the hot wax is stored properly, I'll drink a bit of the boxed wine with ya.

Mayoritas are a summer drink, frowned upon as Labor Day approaches.

*puts hands up*

Look, ma!! no wax!! promise!

Not sure if your not hiding it behind Annie's Big Box O' Handcuffs, but I trust you.....sorta.

CJ, don't get any ideas...you're not mixing those up for the gals during Hunt W/end.

I would guess once Twitney Spears hears about this drink she will be all over it like one of her tour dancers.....

LOL Rick...true. She's so classy she'll have it with fried chicken ya'll!!!

I confess that as a kid I loved Miracle Whip on white bread.

Which is why I weighed 75 pounds in kindergarten.

But I draw the line at drinking the stuff.

Semi OT:

I built a grill for my buddy's second story and have one out back that I'm pretty happy with... should I make one of those trailer hitch mounts to be able to use it during Hunt, or is parking Downtown impossible? Parking Downtown was impossible during the Book Fair, but the Hunt may not be so centralized. For me, it would be fun to cook.

End OT\

CJ, the Hunt will be at South Beach this year and if you thought parking was bad DT?? The beach is worse. It'll be hard enough finding regular parking unless they have secured parking for the "help". Last year we got parking permits for South Miami. Judi told me it'll be around Lincoln Road - that's a strip of shops and restaurants around 17th St. I can find out if there's a parking lot near by.

South Beach? I may have an answer. I don't need a parking spot for SoBe, I could just bike down from NoBe (my favorite place to stay, 'ceptin' your porch). Not being in Downtown makes this much easier!

It will just be much more fun for me if I can be doing something, like cooking. I don't enjoy puzzles as they are too much like work. While I'm down there, I would prefer to sharpen lawn mower blades and cook.

P.S. I'm down there next week. The main day is Friday, in Fort Lauderdale. I know you and EC are west side, but if anybody's gonna be around Thursday evening or Friday afternoon, give me a holler. Unless something changes, I expect to head home Friday night or Saturday morning.

Always knew that the Japanese were smart!

My favorite midnight snack is an onion bagel (Cold, not toasted) with mayo and garlic salt.


Just make sure you keep on your OWN side of the bed, Pirateboy....

Where's Kikko-Man when you need him?

A "Mayo-rita?"


I'd sooner help myself to a dose of Siouxie's hot wax.

WTF is wrong with the Japanese, anyway?

*do not go there*
*do not go there*
*do not go there*

In other news one of our major servers is on the fritz and the IT dept sent out an email update containing this:
Malfunctioning hardware is on order and the technician will call when he is ready with the parts.

May-o! Me say May-ay-ay-o!

Margarita bar, and I want me some.

Come Mr. Kikko-man, pour me out a May-o

Margarita bar, and I want me some.

Six plop, seven glop, eight slop YUM!

Margarita bar, and I want me some.

May-o! Me say May-ay-ay-o!

Margarita bar, and I want me some.

(Oh, and ....eeeeewwwww.)

Well, fiv - that explains a LOT. Now that we know that ORDER it that way, that is.

*surreptitiously inserts "they" between "that" and "ORDER."*

Did someone say hot wax???? ;-)

LOL fivver! do NOT go there!! ewwkie poo!

*snork* @ Cat! I had that song in mind too!!!

Japanese male, Tokyo: "WOW! That kicked ass dude. What the hell was in it?
I KNEW IT! Damn those Americans and their condiments! I just got over my ketchup addiction and now this? Screw you U.S. Americans......

Rick, wait till they get into relish. Relishritas anyone??? ick.

*jumps behind blog bar...avoids tripping*

*pours out some more boxed wine*

I'll have some industrial strength paint stripper/rocket fuel hot sake, please.

As you wish!

Some sake for fivver.

Ohhhhhhh yum.

That stuff is nasty though.

I guess it is an acquired taste (gawd does THAT sound pretentious) and it has to be HOT.

XLNT, Cat R!

BTW CJ - so far, you'll be cooking for:

cg (I hope)
Punkin (I hope)
ddd & hubbinin

Blog Hunt Party!!

fivver, I've had the stuff..and yeah..it's better when it's hot. I just can't drink a lot of it.

Don't y'all think the Japanese are just having a little joke at the world's expense?

Siouxie, the best stuff in the world is straight out of gramps auxiliary bath tub. Trust me, the stuff from behind the shed would curl a witches toes.

*pours Rick a shot of Cuban ron (that's rum for you gringos)*

THAT'll make a witch's toes curl too...ju no??

oh and fivver?? TOO funny! I'm sure they're laughing at us too.

Don't let ww hear you say that, Rick. ;-)

LOL, fiv - that's a riot!

Rick -
THIS is good rum!

Well folks...I'm done for the night. I'll leave the blog bar open for the late nighters.

Sweet dreams!!

So, CJ, are you planning to BBQ? Cuz I am finagling some KC BBQ into my luggage or somethin'. But there will be plenty of eating and drinking opps.

I feel like I just won the lottery. It's a party!

"If you put it on raw tuna fish with red flesh, it tastes like medium-fatty tuna fish. That kind of unpredictability makes it interesting and popular."

Um... That doesn't sound "unpredictable" at all.

Re: sake - I hear (from sources I trust) that only the cheap sake is served hot.

*cleans up sake cups*
*disposes of empty wine boxes*
*takes mayo out of the drinks and puts it back in the chicken salad where it belongs*

Who wants mayo cream-filled donuts?

Can someone tell me how to upload a pics. Or attach a link.. I have Squirrel pics attempting to cause power outage.

JRSYGRL, I've found the easiest way for me is to use this site for 'Links'
Hope that helps.

*puts "mayo-drinks" on the list of "crazy-stuff-that-Japanesse-relish*

*goes to buy stock*

Gag me with a spoon . . .

The sushi place that my Aikido group goes to after class to celebrate special occasions makes a roll (it's not, technically, sushi) called a "Monkey Stick" that has mayo squirted all over it.

Hmmm... Now that I type that out loud it sounds even worse.


first a kitchen (at work, not MY kitchen) full of roaches and now THIS! is afraid to know what comes next.


To answer Wes's very astute question - "WTF is wrong with the Japanese?", maybe their DNA was poisoned by something....like, an atomic bomb, maybe....

*now where is that coffee?*

Here you go punkin. Whew! that was close, a tetchy Punkin is not a good early morning sight.

BTW, I hate mayo, I really cannot stand the stuff and the thought of it with a drink makes my stomach churn.

Thank you


I'm with you, Mot. Can't stand the stuff.

I remember reading a copy of National Lampoon when I was in college. There was an article (ha!) about a religious group called the White Rastafarians - the pictures were all of white people with dread-locks - who worshipped mayonnaise because "it is the color of mother's milk and father's semen". (It sure is interesting what you can remember from that long ago, eh?)

Oh, and I disliked mayo long before I read that.

I wondered if the bot would let me post that. I guess so!

*zips in*™

Good morning. I love, love, love mayo and margaritas, but together? Nope.

In Belgium and Holland they use may with french fried, not ketchup, and it's delish. :)

*adds Germany, France and Czech Republic to Eleanor's list*

i threw up in my mouth a little bit when i though about drinking that.

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