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August 20, 2007



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Rattlesnakes my asp.

I will never say "bite me" again.

Did they happen to plan to release the alleged snake while on an airplane?


Back in The Day, cheating at cards got a bullet from across the poker table.


"The Rattlesnake Hitmen" wbagnfarb

Are these guys writers for 'Big Love'?

Do you suppose it has something to do with the insufficient supply of ammunition that's all over the news this morning?

Wouldn't it be easier to design a Taser to shoot 2 little spikes a snake fang's distance apart and fill them with venim?

... probably not.

*goes looking for squirrels to train*

I think the most effective way to get money from a guy that owes it to you is to kill him. Because that will certainly make him pay up!

Guy 1: Okay, now that yer dead, give me my money!

Guy 2:

Guy 1: Hey, idgit! Didja hear me? I said pay up!

Guy 2:

Guy 1: Hey! Do I have ta kill you agin?!

Crew members using the current toilet system on the Russian side must transfer tanks of their urine to a cargo ship....

How does it know whose is whose?

THAT was supposed to be posted one thread back.

This is probably another reason why most hit men don't receive advanced training from Austin Powers movies.

Thus Mot's "Colorado Idiot Magnet" theory is proven.

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