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August 30, 2007



(Thanks to Valerie)


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I need one of these for my backyard. The bats aren't getting the job done.

I, for one, would NOT be waiting around to see what made that web.

Aragog??? that you?

wonders about the logistics of having these guys spin a web to cover florida.

On the off chance that that was made by one big assed mofo of a spider, I shall stay away.

Mirkwood comes to Texas.


I can manage snakes, rats and teenagers--but I cannot handle spiders.

cheryl, that spider could manage all those things too...

cg---hmmmmm, So Thats how you keep a teenager home on the weekend! Brilliant!

Amateurs! I've burned bigger bag-worm colonies out of my pecan tree in the back yard, with my patented Zippo and Lysol flame-thrower!

Um, ha ha. *sheepish look* A girlfriend and I almost burned down her home with that approach. Who knew that if you ignited a very large monkey spider with a blow torch and said enflamed monkey spider ran down the side of the house, that said spiders path would also become engulfed in flames.

Her husband who drove up minutes later (and had the presence of mind to grab the hose) was not amused with our exterminating technique.

An invertebrate biologist? I'll bet he has some difficulty getting around.

"There are times you can literally hear the screech of millions of mosquitoes caught in those webs."
What's that? The bug rights people?

If they catch that many mosquitos I'm behind them all the way.

Looks like an orb spider from the close-up pics. I've seen webs they make and they are huge...but I think they are only found in Austrailia??

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