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August 31, 2007


I won't be blogging this weekend, except maybe a little by phone, as I am traveling computerless, just like the hardy pioneers who lived back in the early 1980s. Judi will also not be blogging, as she's off for a week or so to England, where there reportedly is beer. Walter will not be blogging either, because he is - not to put too fine a point on it - the penis bone of a walrus. So on behalf of all of us: Have a fine Labor Day weekend. Keep a wide stance at all times, and don't work too hard, unless you're piloting the plane I'm getting on soon, in which case please take your job very seriously until we land. Thank you.


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Have a safe trip Dave & judi!!

(judi, hopefully, there are men there too...no asbos or yobs though)

Woo-hooo! FIRST to get to the open blog bar!

Safe trip Dave.

ok, well 1/2 a first and a simul with Sioux. Not a bad way to start the weekend.

And let me say that I sent this in TOO but didn't get credit for it. Hmph!

Double simul with a twist....somebody stop me!

Annie, that's cuz Dave sent it first! I do admit, I did not. Slow day for me ;-)

Yes, judi - say 'hello' to Paul McCartney the Yankee fan for us. :^)

wooooooo hoooo Annie!!! gonna be a great weekend fur sure!!

Annie sammich.


Safe travels to you and family, and judi, and I hope Walter is in a safe place! And Happy Labor Day to all. I hope you don't have to Labor, on Labor Day.

LMAO and a self-simulation

Don't forget your map.

look out for lightning! oops, i wasn't supposed to mention that, was i?

*zaps cg for that stunning comment*

How 'bout the guy from What's the Matador with the huge suitcase...traveling, drinking in England or helping in the kichen with the penis bone of a walrus...err wally.

Don't wear your mesh pants to the airport, Dave. You'll never make it through the metal detectors.

But why would you want a fine point on Walter?

Have a great weekend!

Send Crab Pics, please?

Are crab pics taken with a crab cam?

I'm assuming those could only be shown on the spice channel. Or a medical program.

if you put too fine a point on walter, will he lose his charm?

Oh, boy. This thread is already getting long. Think how long it'll be before the Tuesday!

Crab pics are taken with latex gloves, lots of care, and distance.

On second thought, maybe the bloggals should think about how long it'll get - not the blogguys.

Hmmm... Annie, maybe it wasn't good placement for your comment about crabs there between my comments.

I was just a wee lad back int he early 80's. Let me tell you, being a pioneer kid back then, with no computers...oh, I the humanity! We had to actually go outside to play!

Schadeboy - don't start. I go outside all the time with my wireless laptop.

Scott - what's 'the Tuesday'? 8^P

You know, Annie, the Tuesday!

Oooooh, THE Tuesday.....as long as you don't call it Fat Tuesday. That's not PC anymore.

Please do tell us tales of the strange and wonderful beers they have in this foriegn land you are traversing.

Yeah, I've been feeling awfully THE lately.

Uh, oh. I've killed another thread and with a long, post-free weekend coming up!

*hides from fellow bloggits*

pssst....Scott, we're drinking beers with Dave at the airport...over here----------------->


Scott, follow me ^


Senator Larry "meet me in the bathroom" Craig is planning to resign, so says the NYTimes in a Breaking News Alert e-mail.

Resume regular programming.

To the ends of the earth, mademoiselle.


O/T update: On Saturday, which would be tomorrow.

"not to put too fine a point on it"


make a little birdhouse in your soul

Have a fun trip, Judi, IYKWIM.

*follows bloggettes to the ends of the earth*

I am pleased to announce that SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA the SMOG CENTER OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE, received ACTUAL RAIN this afternoon. Yes, I know it is difficult to comprehend, and I'm sure someone is going to try and put it into little, tiny "Genuine California Rain!" bottles, right next to the melted snowman snowglobes that are ever so (un)popular here in the desert.

Hey, PB, we had some, too!!!! We got over 0.0000001 inches in less than 20 minutes. Wow!

Have fun!

*zips in*™

Me too here, Scott. It was awesome, for the 7 minutes it lasted! And I had thunder.

Whoa - had to scroll up to see what El was thanking Scott for. I thought we had another blogger relationship going - with thunder even.

Annie, me too. Then I hoped not...cuz....

seven mins??? SEVEN MINUTES???

Course we know that Scott is majorly studly and wouldn't have that little problema.

We know that? Uh, sure, we do.

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