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July 23, 2007


While whitewater rafting in Idaho today, our party encountered a dangerous grizzly bear. Fortunately, as a veteran outdoorsperson I was able to defeat the bear by grasping it firmly in a sensitive area.


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Nice technique, Dave!

Dave, I simply can't bear to think of whut might happen should you lose your grip ...

*gasps in awe of Dave's bravery*

No wonder that bear has that look on his face. Damn near dropped his fish right on Dave's head.

Dave as midwife, catching the second cub. That first one looks cross-eyed; did you drop it?

"Heya, Booboo, quit touchin' my pic-a-nic basket!"

Dave, whatever you do, do NOT let go!

A Kodiak moment, yes indeed.

Dave, you look tired. I expect that there was a long, drawn-out, all-out bear vs. man action sequence before you got the upper hand (ha ha)?

Leggo my baggo.

Goldilocks would be proud. That bear looks juuust right.

Dave, is that your editor?

Beary brave of you, Dave. Now you can relax and have a brewsky and some bear nuts!

Mr. Barry, as a presidential candidate (yes, of the United States), is this your position on supporting wildlife?

*Note to self* When feeling threatened go for the bare balls. I mean "bear balls", yeah.

Thank god you didn't try to grab his fish!

That explains the smile on the bears face

I notice that Miss Sophie was not the photographer of this crapcam photo. Go figure.

"Let go of my picnic basket!"

Hey, Amazing Steve - check out the post at 6:38. GMTA. Us, two.

Dave, that is NOT what they mean by the term "fly fishing."

Dave, the bear probably didn't recognize you wearing a gray shirt, which allowed you to get thisclose, IYKWIM, and I think you do!


It was a baaaaaad idea to drink water while viewing this thread.

private note to El - game on soon!

Does a Barry snork in the woods?
Apparently, yes.

Renee(1st) - at least it was just water. Other drinks can really hurt. Just ask Jazzz.

So - are we expecting a new episode from the Amazing Steve tonight? My inquiring mind and all that....

Was that bear holding a fish or was he just happy to see you?

Bears really like it when you tickle their chinook.

If you give a bear a beer, he'll probably drop his salmon.
If you give a Barry a beer, he'll probably write a book.
If you give Annie caffeine, she'll probably never stop posting.

Arrgh! My coho!!!

Separated at birth?


Exclusive footage of Dave and the bear, immediately before the posted photo was taken can be found here

And this time he gets the fish!

Hey, leave my picnic basket alone!

"Hold On, I'm Coming!" -- Salmon Dave

Annie... LOL... I read through those too quickly, and missed that one. yes, GMTA. :-)

DD.... Yes!

*throws out LOLs, snorks, and ROTFLs*

Looking forward to new 24 episode tonight!

*loves Annie some caffeine*

Psst- Siouxie- if you are blurking, new pix of first chess game. Warm up the Cuban a$$, 'cause we'll be 'twisting by the pool' soon!! Landscaping starts tomorrow! (which might still be October, the way things are going).

Dave- couldja get the bear to bring its fish to the party? We need the main course.

Dave. Please don't squeeze the Charmin™!

ddd - wowsa! that looks amazing!! I will definitely have to plan a trip up there. I don't play chess...but I'll do the pool/jacuzzi.

LOL AFKAT! that was great!

CJ' ... if that little one is cross-eyed, then his name must be "Gladly" ... eh?

Oh- and AFKAT- hilarous! male docling giggled like a little girl.

Well, I'm pooped from my night shifts so I'm gonna mosey on to bed.


*moseying down to bed too*


I dunno. Looks to me like the bear is glaring. Perhaps because his "sensitive area" seems to be missing some vital bits?

David, you are the only adult I know who would do such a juvenile thing.

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?
A funny little human standing right where I pee.

Brown bear, brown bear, what will you do?
Give a three second warning before I go poo.

That took balls.

His bravery and outdoorsmanship may indeed help with this candidacy.

Dave "Davy Crockett* Barry, for President (yes, of the United States)!

Has a nice ring to it.

Dr. Doug doesn't get out much, does he? Or else he won't admit to "knowing" (NOT THAT WAY, you MAINIACS) many of the "adults" here on the blog ... merely ... acknowledgin' that some folks have more fun in their lives than others seem to ...

Fag !!

Gangus: Hey, thanks for stopping in! Sorry you can't stay.

But did the Barry bear sh!t in the woods?

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