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July 31, 2007


Guys will do anything to have sex keep the species going. Take the guy jumping spider. Look what he goes through to get the female to mate with him. He's working so hard that I almost want to have sex with him, and the female just sits there, probably thinking about shoes.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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he's a wild and craaaaaazy guy and she's probably thinking of ripping his head off. or chocolate.

"Requires Flash 8". Oh, well.


To quote the leftovers: "Curses! Foiled again!"

Does anyone else think that, with his antennae up like that, he looks just a leetle bit like Ralph Macchio?

Hm. 'Scuse me - those were his legs, not antennae.

And did someone say shoes?!

I try this all the time. It rarely works.

P.S. I'm not going to search the 500 members of the family Salticidae, but don't think any have females that are cone heads. What is that, a party hat?


Nah, CJ. She doesn't look enough like Jane Curtin.

Feh - she could do better.

Geez, he's got to do spider Flamenco and a cow imitation?

I couldn't handle that - I've got a bad knee.

Well, I am pretty good at the cow stuff - that must be the bit that counts.

hmm and what's WRONG with thinking about shoes???

I'm with Annie...she could do better.

Big deal. Add the music of Bolero and this could be Friday night at the Howard Household.

He should have just offered to do the dishes.

Val. Which also works very well.

Val - NOW yer talkin'! Nothing like watching a guy do housework to ....to......ooooh.....nice boots....

I'm positive he was one of my dates between marriages...altho, he turns me on more now. And I think my neck got stiff like that...well, something like that.

He's supposed to be a jumping spider. He ain't jumpin' enough for me.

Yeah, first problem: He thought all the farting noises would get her going. Not gonna happen.

Mmmmmm...shoes...I love........shoes...

very disappointing boots, annie.

crossgirl - you need to check out polo. It's very addicting. And some of the guys are very nice. But the main thing is - it's the most fun I've EVER had.
(so far).

Boots for crossgirl.

*roll of the couch, laughing, especially at "...at the Howard Household*

I was busy watching House and writing my boss. Great writing. Not me, House.

more boots for crossgirl.

i was thinking more along the lines of these but that first pair will do fine!

annie, you play polo or hang out with the picnic and the hat leering cheering on the guys?

it's not shoes. she's thinking, "this creep has been home all day, playing online poker, while i worked all day, then got groceries, PAID for the groceries, made dinner, broke up three fights between the kids before bed, washed two loads of clothes, mopped the kitchen, talked on the phone to his mother for 45 minutes, folded laundry-- and NOW he wants to do the mating dance? i don't think so."

I don't think the female ever moved. The male seemed aggressively close at the end, and even then, she just stayed there. FYI, brown recluse spiders are poisonous.

It seemed like he was making motor car noises. This really must be a guy thing! :)

*snorks* @ nora & Kristina! Both a bit too close to reality to laugh at, but what the hey.

c'girl - I played for years, but stopped when I had my kids. I'll get back to it soon. It's a fun place to meet horsey people. Especially arena polo- you play it in a rodeo arena. Great fun!

Prolly only my imagination, but there wuz a couple of moves he made early on that sorta reminded me of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever ... merely sayin' ...

I swear my neighbor's son has a remote control tank that looks and moves just like that.

I think the female was dead, BTW. Otherwise, she would have been laughing hysterically.

How big are those spiders anyway, that you could film them?

She ain't worth it. Do you know what four pair of shoes cost these days?

I think marfie is right...she's dead.

But man, ain't that true to life. You work and work and she just lies there.

Not that I... uh, never mind.

By the way, I liked the first pair of boots, Annie.

LTTG but she female spider is either dead, tired from all the head chomping or just bored to tears..thinking...just stop with the stooopid moves and get it over with?? sheesh.


What we didn't see was right after the tape ended when a different male spider rolled up in a little Porsche and sped off with the female.

Oh, that's perfect!

Great! Now I have to sleep in the garage because my wife caught me watching spider porn on the web. Thanks Dave.

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