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July 26, 2007


(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr)


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Can you hear us NOW???

Second too, apparently - third anyone? The real question is can we rent this group out for airplane cabins?

relegated to third :(


I wish the RBR's would have done that with the very LOUD guy that was standing behind us at the concert. My Cuban death-stare shut him up eventually.

Can I get that as a ringtone?

I was hoping the musician would use his violin as a bow, and shoot his bow like an arrow at the yammerer...

LOL chico, that was what I was waiting for when watching the video!


Jazzzzzzzzzzie! casssssssey! maybe a violin bow up the yahoo!

Woohoo, sounds kinky!

Hey Jazzzzzzzie, any luck finding that camera?

Jazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, professional question here, I had to go to one of our local trauma centers to look at some CTs in an attempt to find the most graphic and shocking to build a lawsuit. During the course of going over all the various radiology procedures, I was shown several 3-d versions of my client's jaw that had been broken in multiple locations. I've seen plenty of MRIs, CTs and plain Xrays, but have never seen anything like this. It was almost cartoonish. What is that?

client's jaw that had been broken in multiple locations
Three bars and a house of ill repute? ;o)

I suspect domestic battery and Fwd, Rev, Fwd.

casey- probably a 3-D reconstruction of a CT scan. They take a regular hi-resolution CT scan and reconstruct it digitally so that some features are more obvious, including fractures. other explanations here

Oh- and Hi y'all!

Anyone here?

Can you hear me now?

I can hear you now, but I'm on another line ... well, I wuz, but they hung up when the music got too loud ...

How ya been? Haven't seen ya in a while!

Funny!! Scott Adams has a post on politeness today, which of course has turned into a forum of great jokes!

That is really funny, Brad! I can't wait to see the doclings in the morning and tell them some of these.

It's getting late and I have an early date with my personal torturer trainer. See y'all tomorrow!

Well, shoot, I missed ddd. Have a good night, ddd!

Brad, *snork*! I heard that joke a while back, but the reply was "fantastic" instead of "isn't that special."

OtheU, if you're still around, THANK YOU (thankyouthankyouthankyou!) for the wonderful words you wrote on the "maid" thread at 2:13 am. That really is my pic on Wyo's page, honest. You made my day today! *Smooches*

If anyone cares to sing a country song, go to the "Mom" thread from earlier today.


Wha'd I say?

*Mr. Short-term memory,here ...*

Aw, c'mon. Don't tell me you were sleep-posting again. Here I spent the day being so cheerful...

What is the difference between a person talking to a black box and person talking to a person? A conversation between two people in public is acceptable but a conversation between a person and a black box is rude? I really don't understand.

If the argument was why do idiots talk really load into cell phones, then I understand.

What is the difference between a person talking to a black box and person talking to a person? A conversation between two people in public is acceptable but a conversation between a person and a black box is rude? I really don't understand.

If the argument was why do idiots talk really load into cell phones, then I understand.

hey casey, ddd....And all the other beautiful bloglits. Sorry I didn't respond, but got called back to work and got home not long ago. ddd can tell you more about that than I. By the way, you didn't notice all those flashes going off?? ...ran the battery down ;-)

oops....somebody forgot to change their ID.......Idiot

Was that Charlie Daniels or Memorex? Is Memorex still Memorex? Or has that psuedo cool cassette tape corp become part of the American x past time...take over and bring blood. Nuke all such rogue imperialist infidites. (infidites is an anurisym for infidelity). Boston? That guy played in Boston. Not the state, the group. Peep. peep. Tommy Chong was here. Peep. peep. Drop D power Dave Barry. 8)

I completely do not understand that last post.... Am I the only one?

And yet I get blocked for possible spam content. What a burn! By the way, howdy Diva.

HEY!!! My sidekick!! :-) What are you doin' up so late, Rick?

PS - I get the spam content occasionally, too. Words the bot doesn't like:


I don't know why, but these three words will muck it up for you every time. There are others, I'm sure, but these are the ones I know for certain.

uuuuuuhhhhhhhmmmmmmm.............surprised to explain it had to do with personal respect for the people in the room. If you can't see this redily, I have doubt you will. class....no class.....simple

This is why I did not use my phone at the RBR concert. I was afraid Stephen King would beat me with his cowbell. Or stare at me til I burst into flame. (Dave says Ted hates it when Stephen does that...SO messy.)

Oh, and MORNING!!!

*sets out coffee, an assortment of juices, banana bread, Irish Eggs & bacon & sausage*

Poo....that will be me knocking at your door shortly

*freshens up in anticipation of Jazzzzz's visit*

Dabbing Irish eggs behind your ears? (What are Irish eggs?)

Like eggs benedict, but the eggs sit on a mound of corned beef hash......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Oh, and SW....I was NOT dabbing food behind my ears....I was just making sure that certain things were "sunny side up".

*in my best Homer impersonation*
donuts banana bread!!!!

Thanks Punkin!

Help yourself DPC!

Where is everybody today????

Corned beef hash?!!! I'm here!

Mornin' everyone.

Punkin, would you happen to have an IV thingy to put that coffee in?

As a matter of fact.... *empties bag of saline....fills w/ coffee....takes A&K's arm....palpates vein...inserts IV needle...catches A&K when he faints...ramps up drip speed...*

now THAT'S what I call "nursing service"!

Coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Once again I arrive at a thread I'd like to post on after everyone else has already left. Still, I can't seem to stop myself from saying "Hey! That's Covent Garden! And, not only have I been there, I've seen that band!" They are wonderful young musicians and very, very funny. If you're ever in London, check out Covent Garden; there's usually some kind of live entertainment going on and, if you're lucky, it might be these guys.

*Walks away, footsteps echoing in the stillness . . .*

Jean!!!! how ya been?????

COOL, Jean!!!

And Jazzzz - I didn't mean THIS post *makes all-encompassing hand sweep*. I meant only the comment above mine at 12:49 am. It didn't come through because other folks' posts intervened. I'm right with you on the courtesy thing.

Sheesh. I mean the comment DIRECTLY above mine at 1:37 am.

*pops IV drip out of AK's arm and sticks it in own - with a clean needle, of course*

*applauds wildly at video performance*
Now THAT was funny!

This video has had 115,804 views - and apparently all of them were us...

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