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July 28, 2007


Carry a frog.


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MMMMmmmm. Frog legs!!

"How did unexpected guest wind up in toilet?"

If I had a nickle for every time......

"Room Service"
"uh, yes, there seems to be an amphibian in my bidet."
"We have a pharmacy on site, shall I connect you?"

"...an amphibian in my bidet..."

If I had a nickle.....

Snork@ Punkin!!!!

If I could spell nickel...

If you are a guy, do you own a cup? I would recommend putting it on right now.

--Hey, plumber, there's a frog in my toilet!

--Well, he's pretty good with his tongue and we couldn't afford a bidet.


Lol, Mikey. I am, but I don't.

Maybe I spoke too soon. Maybe she meant "nipple."

No, SW, I GOT those.

(nickel schmikel)


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