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July 24, 2007



("Thanks" to DavCat)


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idly wondering how much weight he's lost on this plan....

He could have just stapled it shut. Guess he had no self control.

*forwards article to Rosie*


ALL government officials are wacky.
So are most journalists.

Next time, the guy ought to try Super Glue. It's easier and makes less of a mess...

Huseynov told The Associated Press that he learned about Allahverdiyev’s move from other prisoners.

Well, duh. He wasn't exactly in a position to announce it himself, now, was he? "M MMMM, m mm mmmmm mm mmm mm mmmmm mmmm."

Wait a sec...where did the guy get the sewing stuff. Did he have one of those little hotel kits?

Dave, an idea for your next book: The Allahverdiyev Diet. You can thank me later.

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