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July 07, 2007


We found the Tour de France by walking around until we found large crowds of people standing around drinking beer.


Near this was a smaller crowd watching a road where, every minute or so, a guy on a bicycle whizzed past escorted by police cars and guys on motorcycles. I made a number of attempts to photograph the cyclist, but I kept taking the picture either too soon...


...or too late...


Finally I managed to take a picture that, upon careful scrutiny, turned out to contain the image of an actual person on a bicycle. So here it is... the Tour de France!


This is without question one of the lamest most exciting sporting events I have ever witnessed. At least there was beer. I shall never forget it.


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First - and I wasn't even expecting to be...


nope, just deuxieme...

BTW, wow, a race sponsored by water! That's one of those things you would never expect to see...

Sophie takes better pictures. Just sayin'.

I wonder what all those lines painted on the street in the first photo mean.

I think those lines in the top photo mean "turn approximately, wherever" or something along thereof. Nice photos, Dave! Beer has been helpful.

You can tell Dave's in the UK 'cause he's using "shall."

Rats -- Jeannie beat me to it.

Actually, Dave, your camera -- assuming it's not the one in the phone -- probably has a setting to take a series of shots in quick succession. Very helpful for action shots like this.

*snork* Richard. You think Dave is interested in that? When there's beer to be had?!

In the first picture, why do they have to have arrows pointing to the traffic cones?

Bill the Elder, it's because they once had British tourists returned from Florida driving there. They now try to make it as obvious as possible.

It's a reminder to the American cyclists that over there they drive on the wrong side of the road. They're pointing at the left lane so the riders don't try to go down the right lane.

I'm sure Dave would much rather be experiencing the Tour de Sandusky, featuring the "Heart of the Thumb." It is, not surprisingly, square.

Less time and hassle than trying, repeatedly, to get the shot, I should think. In any case, the solution is to simply combine the two suggestions: have Sophie figure out the setting. She probably wouldn't even have to read the manual.

Hi, Scott! How was the wedding?

The arrows are warning people to watch out for the cones. The cones are warning people to watch out for the arrows.

Now that's the RIGHT Sandusky, Annie! That's the one my aunt and uncle live in. I've been there a lot in my life.

WOW!!! Rivetting photo essay...

Is it just me, or is Dave actually posting using a British accent?

By jove, AFKAT, I think you may have stumbled onto something.

Look closely at the second and third shots Dave took. He got two excellent pictures of the same guy who's actually getting the appropriate shot.

"The arrows are warning people to watch out for the cones. The cones are warning people to watch out for the arrows."

Lol, annie. But how do they warn you to watch out foe the people?

The funniest part of that first foto is that Dave has named it "beer."

And look! There's one old man who apparently did not even see the bicyclist go by!

Do those blue arrows in the first picture,mean that the bikes drive on the road? Just askin'.

"He got two excellent pictures of the same guy who's actually getting the appropriate shot."

Lol, bethie. Good eye.

Unfortunately those folks are the audeience at the Live Earth concert.

The Blog is right... the photos are better with beer.

Like everything, cj, like everything.

I've even noticed that beer is better with beer.

Golly, even I'm better with beer. If that's possible.

Hi Diva, it went well. The singing group that the bride started and directs sang beautifully. My partner and our oldest daughter are in that group. Very nice, over by noon.

Excellent. I love weddings. Since it was morning, what did they do for a reception?

Short reception in the hall with quiche, cheese, bread, fruit, etc. Oh, you mean alcohol! Mimosas. They're having a relaxing get-together at their house but the day is busy enough that we didn't go to the after-party. (They're also all in the theater group.)

There was also had a drink they called a Hibiscus (I think) with champagne sparkling wine and cranberry juice.


Only the champagne was supposed to be crossed out. Preview! Preview! Preview!

What kind of theatre group is it?

An intergenerational one loosely based in our church mostly just for fun but they do put a lot of work into it. They did Oliver in May.

Awesome. Do you perform with them too?

Scott - they 'did' Oliver? What kind of church are you running there?

A UU one, Annie. We can do whatever we want! *G*

Please, Sir, may I have more?

DD, my roll is one of the most important ones. I play audience. Since we've been involved they've also performed Christmas Carol, Fiddler on the Roof, Androcles and the Lion, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Wizard of Oz, Music Man, Oklahoma, Our Town and a couple more I'm blanking on right now.

Wow, Scott, you gave me more all right... a simul to boot!

Anytime, Med! Wouldn't want you starving away!

*snork* @ Med! Sounds like you've picked a pocket or two. IYKWIM.

Awesome, truly! I'm in the middle of Music Man myself and having a tremendous time. That's quite a listing of terrific shows there. Do they take actors from the community on a by-show basis also?

My first solo was in "Oliver." I was the littlest thief. About 4-feet tall with a big loud mouth. If you can imagine that. Used to be fun to wake up the audience with a booming alto voice in a teeny body.

Cool, Annie! I didn't know you were a performer (other than guitar, of course.)

You ought to give Iowa a try.
Provided you are contrary!

Music Man is one of my all-time favorites if, for no other reason, than it's about Iowa.

Yes, they usually have people from the community playing, too. It's also been an avenue for people to join the church, too.

Interesting concept, Scott. I like it! I might have to put together that thought for our church.

The Music Man! I have been trying of a musical to pitch to our VSA co-ordinator. VSA = Very Special Arts of Ohio. We are an equal opportunity theater company. We have done Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Bugsy, The Wiz, and many more. I want to do Oliver, but that one has been voted down twice.

Music Man works well because you can have lots of kids.

That's the tough part. Since the group is intentionally intergenerational a play or musical has to have parts for people of all ages and enough parts so that every one who tries out can get a part even if it's the chorus.

Theatrical accomplishments of moi: A tree in Peter Pan; Blanche in Death of a Salesman. Otherwise, in other events: I have actually witnessed the "Tour of California," when it went by in a blink of an eye in Cambria. I rang an encouraging cow-bell to exclaim my excitment. Not that any of this matters.

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. That is incredibly tough. The group I'm performing with this summer used to have a separate kids and teens group, but they disbanded that and now they have to incorporate children into the show every year, so it cuts down on what we can do.

We usually have far more kids audition than adults; my biggest challenge would be finding a Professor that could handle the music, the dancing, and the lines.

Thankfully the Professor's voice doesn't have to be great - look at Robert Preston. A solidly-pitched character voice will do fine, but the patter is TOUGH. If you have any local improv troupes, look there and see who might be worthy, then invite them to audition.

And everyone always has more kids than adults audition. It works well if you can cast in families.

foggie - I find that superlatively important and utterly riveting. :-D

P.S. The above post by me was in part due to some beer. The typos and misspellings were also in part due to some beer.

Jessica, do you mean Professor Harold Hill? Ours used to be the church's janitor/handyman. He has a great voice (but sometimes has trouble with lines) and excellent stage presence. He's gone on to do some other community theater, too, and played Fagin in Oliver. At least two of the youth went to college as Theater Arts majors. One came back to direct The Man Who Came To Dinner as well as running a separate youth theater group. The other is a Junior in college and his summer job is acting at Legoland!

How do they "act" at Legoland?

foggie - I blame everything on beer.

There is a pirate show that runs several times a day. Our alum plays Captain Dandypants (or something silly like that).

Hahaha. That sounds like fun!

Uh-huh ... from personal experience (director/producer/two-lines 'cuz we wuz short of bodies for Rock Island scene), Ya gotta have a Harold Hill in order for Music Man to work ... it's a great show, and for the general purposes described (multigenerational, multi-age-group) a very good choice ... except, ya can't keep doin' it over and over ...

I had a couple of times when with many more talents than roles, and would double-triple-quadruple cast a role, to give more people a chance to excel ... double cast Winthrop in MM ... either little guy did quite well ...

Not much of the "Broadway" type stuff that works as well as this one, for that large a group ... merely sayin' ... Christmas Carol has small kids, but not a large cast ... and I never liked NE of the scripts I found, so I went to the Guthrie and asked if we could use theirs ... they were kinda amazed, said they'd never had this happen before, and graciously assented -- with only a token royalty ...

The pictures just made me very homesick. That is all.

Off to tend to Mr. Waynes bat Underwear.

*snork* @ Al!

Hey, CJ - how's the roof?

All feexed.

And now, computer generated choreography, via Gizmodo of course.

(do yourself a favor and leave the volume down. also, engrish text?)

Yes, Scott, there is one guy whom I think would do great with the singing and dancing, but he is murder on a director who is not into improv; he cannot remember lines to save his life! There are a couple of others I think would do great with all of it, but one is the music director at one of the largest churches in our city and the father of many children, but one of his younger children has Down's and has been in all of our shows so he might be willing; the other is the law director of the city and a very busy guy. I am sure that someone great would audition.

Sometimes I blame everything on wine, just to break the monotony.


I blame Lobal Dorming....

*snork* @ CJ!

Or Mobile Farming...

Jessica, the star for The Man Who Came To Dinner would ad-lib his lines occasionally and throw off other people who were expecting certain words or phrases. Sometimes it makes the next proper line meaningless.

LTTG, Ducky, but I hope your feathers are dry today!

Thanks, Diva--my feathers are dry today! There were more thunderstorms north of here this evening, but the rain didn't reach us, thank goodness.

Hallelujah! Shall we open the blogbar to celebrate?

Absolutely, Diva, but I'm eating a late dinner. I'll be back in a little while and join you in imbibing libations.


*hands off to CDT, MDT, and PDT*

VERY LTTG. The diverdowndocs angered the Internet Gods so they sent their minions to punish us.
(Schmomcast came to bury the new cable they lay when they replaced the construction-damaged one and damaged the new cable in the process- gotta love the self-supporting irony).

Anyhoo, I've missed so much that I will never catch up. I saw that Siouxie got posted some more (yay!), the blog is drinking beer, more craziness in Sandusky, and the blog bar is now open.

Guess I didn't miss as much as I thought.

Hey, ddd! We missed you! Sorry about the cables and all that mess. Ish. NOT fun, but glad it's worked out now. Do you have any new construction pics up?

someone say beer?

*flaps back in for a bit*

Well, I expected to be back here MUCH sooner. Hi, Diva and ddd! Glad you're back among us, ddd.

Hi DD! We gave the landscaper a whole bunch of money so he must have gone to Tahiti for a while or something. Nothing happened for two weeks afterwards, then suddenly they started showing up again (this was, of course, after they had the courtesy to break the cable first). A lot has happened since Monday, including a now-obliterated big blue spray-painted sign that said "DO NOT WALK" (IANMTU) and the completion of the giant chess board (Fabulous!). I plan to take pix tomorrow after church and will upload asap.

giant chess board? ya'll playing living lawn chess?

Hi cg and Ducky!!

How's the duckling doing at JPL or Nasa or Jupiter or wherever planetary geologists hang out?

CG- We have a 2ft tall chess set- the squares are 14in on a side. Check my website in a day or two for pix.

I have also been painting the basement bedroom. female docling postponed her birthday party from early June until the pool is done, and my birthday is in 2 days. We will have the combo party in a couple of weeks.

That would be AWESOME!! Party on the chessboard at ddd's place! Can I be the White Queen?

*hands cg a beer*

Have a good dinner, Ducky?

I'll be a knight. You know....you could play living chess on that.

Hi, cg. Have a beer. And as long as the living lawn chess game isn't Wizard's chess, it should be ok.

ddd, the girlduckling is home for the summer, but leaving in just a couple of weeks to move to Houston in preparation of starting her Ph.D. studies at Rice. She's in Houston this weekend, supposedly getting an apartment lined up. But she may be on Jupiter--you never know.

DDD, my Mom put the lifesize chess/checkers board in her backyard for the G'kids after playing on one in Galveston. Guess my two loved it; I know they love the one she has. Way cool. And for a small sum, I promise not to tell the doclings that they are learning, not playing! ;)

Hey, wait! I never got one of those. I had to eat brussel sprouts, frozen, metallic tasting, soggy brussel sprouts. WTFBBQ!!!!

Diva, dinner was fine, thank you!

Have a beer, Med. You'll feel better.

ddd, early Happy Birthday!

We play checkers with the brussel sprouts.

ummm, off topic, but the tv just ran a government sponsored commercial telling me there was no reason for my family not to have a plan in place for a terrorist attack. do ya'll all have your terrorist attack family plans in order?

We also use brussel sprouts for home defense.

cg, yes. The fridge is stocked with beer and wine at all times. Extras are stored in the garage.

ok. good. i'm prepared.

ddd, how long have you had this passion for brussel sprouts? ;-)

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