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July 19, 2007


Now they're using cheese.

(Thanks to Susannah Nation)


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Were they driving in the 70s?

so who's bringing the chips?

All we need now is a truck full of stale bread, and some extra-long forks.

Freeway Fondue WBAGNFARB

"...he tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher, but the fire was too big."

-Sounds like a real Munster of a fire there -

its3, I cheddar to think.

Did the truck Monterey Jack(nife)?

"Frank Barker grabbed his hot dog...."

Maybe if he'd reacted more swissly.

I think he gouda put the fire out with a bigger extinguisher...

Me too AKFAT but, now it's Edam wreck...

...and it Bundz(ed) up too....

Munster lost a Wheel on a Sharp turn.

No doubt in a hurry to deliver to the The National Cheese Emporium

I Camembert to look...

Accident investigation notes-

Sgt. Pepperjack: "Telemea... whatsa Mato here?"
driver: "I had to get my Asadero out real fast."
Det. Colby: "Queso... can you tell us what happened?"
driver: "...uh, someone, an American I think, threw a Brick from that Cottage"

-Driver reports he has been Humboldt by the experience.
-Even with the evidence at hand, it may be difficult to Provolone this story without a witness.

its3, work Fromunda into that scenario and I'll send you a prize.

Casey - I wasn't going to but....

-the dog was safely removed Fromunda the wreckage


*luvs its3 a blogarita!*

There is NO TRUTH to the report that the suspect in this attack on California "cheese" was wearing a Brett Favre jersey. Or a foam rubber cheesehead.

But if the Left Coast continues to promote their simulated semi-dairy product as being remotely related to actual cheese of the Wisconsin variety, further acts of fromagicide are inevitable.

OK, its3, next challenge: Asiago.

Bonus points for all or part of Parmesano Reggiano.

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