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July 27, 2007


With a knick knack paddywhack
Give a dog a bad name...

(Thanks to annette gaudreau)


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Well, my uncle blames farts on the dog, so why not?

"There really is no excuse for this sort of unacceptable behaviour which..."

Shoddy reporting - nowhere do they list any of the kinds of unacceptable behaviour for which there are excuses!

Wow. A "dog-fouling" squad! My dog gets himself fouled on his own, thankyouverymuch.

If dropping a deuce in a public park is illegal, then lock me up.

Whoo! A 3-some and I get to be on top of Punkin!!

*swoons delicately*

'Scuse me - guess I didn't see you there, Bryce. Punkin's "girls" got in the way. In fact I could barely see KCS!

Don't sweat it. In fact, I'm very forgettable.

He's a Shi-tzu.

Can't think of a comment relating to lawn cigars . . .

"...the matter was now in the hands of the police." That's just gross.

Woulda been worse if it'd been that guy that shot a piece of himself to smithereens, CJ. Just sayin' things could always be worse.

I think Jesse Jackson needs to put in one of his appearances on behalf of all the dogs in the area to protest the obvious "racial profiling" that was going on....

I think about $59 million in doggie treats should settle the matter...

Aw, Bryce. You're not forgettable. It's just hard to see past all of Punkin's copious bazoomage. :-)

Does the video show the guy doing the doggy butt skedaddle across the grass? Inquiring minds want to, no?


C'mon, fivver. We know you were wondering...

had the complainant and our officers not spotted the difference."

Is 'spotting the difference' taught at the police academy?

Not really Annie, I get enough of that from my dog Skidmark.

He had been doing it in the same place for awhile. I'd say he had squatter's rights.

Nah, fivver. They learned "Spot the Difference" from those old Highlights for Children magazines they keep to read while eating the donuts. ;-)

that's just gross.

Nice way to "mark your territory" there, dude.

I found a photo of the dastardly act.

Annie, my dogs sometimes do the upright dump. Looks JUST like that! LOL

Well, the white zone is for unloading...

That's one talented dog you have there, Sioux.

I am proud. Speaking of....how's Jake doing??

Sports story of interest to hard core sorts guyz.


Much better, thanks. He had some bandages removed yesterday. He hasn't been to the groomer's in forever so his haircut is hilarious. I wanna give him a combover and take pictures, but every time I try, I giggle.

Awww LOL you are mean. *snork*

Well I'm off! Hot date with daughter and her friends. Wooo hooo!!

Who's driving?

lilrascal's link. Slide show, no vid. Be aware that if you (sensibly) have Javascript turned off, the black text will get stretched across the purple/white/yellow background rather than confined in a readable fashion to the white area. Very odd design...

Dang. The text looks fine to me so I must not be sensible....

>He said ... the matter was now in the hands of the police.

I hope the police wash their hands afterwards. Real well.

Well, yeah, if nba.com was already on your Javascript whitelist that'd be reasonable. I don't usually follow basketball, so I had to add it to mine.

*goes to look for a whitelist. maybe it's in this 'trashcan' thingy*

I want to know if he made those doggie scraches after - kicking up the grass etc.

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