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July 31, 2007


...but it smells great.


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Tis why I don't buy electronics on the street. That great bargain is not normally all it's cracked up to to be.

No soap. Cellphone.

"Yes, we are having the more inexpensive model in the Bath size, but if you are wanting to impress your business associates, please looking at this special Micro-Tech Motel Freebiee model!!!"

After the language you'll use after you find out you've been ripped off you can at least wash your mouth out with it.

Okay, I got nothin'.

Can you soap me now?

What the heck is toilet soap, anyway?

toilet soap is what you use after you use the black toilet paper.

Aha! Thought it maybe was made from toilet....., ah never, mind.

Coconuts, wouldn't that be toilet water?

*aims walker towards geezer bus stop*

Q: What kind of soap makes the best cellphones?

A: Dial.


Hop aboard, I'm driving.

Coconuts, turn the blinker off.

Bikini Race.


Smacks SW. It's too early in the morning for coffee thru the nose.

A&K, it's off now.......thanks.

Stevie LOL

*smacks* you just for the heck of it.

I am surprised no one has made the obligatory 'lack of a clean get away' joke yet.

Wonder if those phones are equipped with a crap cam?

"Honey, does this phone make my @ss look big??"

"Honey, does this phone make my ass smell good?"

(Thanks for the breakfast of sugar smacks, gals).

the perfect phone for those late night dirty calls!

What's your phone number again, cg?

lol cg! clean phone s3x????

What fun is that?!

A&K?? how would *I* know???


Siouxie at 10:15 asked...Can you soap me now? I'm a rookie here, but I'm suprised the usual volunteers wern't lining up. Worldwide coffee shortage?

Siouxie at 10:15 asked...Can you soap me now? I'm a rookie here, but I'm suprised the usual volunteers wern't lining up. Worldwide coffee shortage?

Must be Wayne, or I'm losing my touch.


*zips in*™

It's a slow day Wayne. I'm sure when Mot gets here or some of our other pervs male blogits they'll be lining up to do just that!

Can you

LOL, MKJ! Dropped the soap, didja? ;)

"Honey, where's the phone?"
"It's in the soap dish."
"But there's soap in the soap dish . . . "
"It's the phone. The soap is the phone."
"Are you trying to confuse me or something?"

The worst part is that you only get one bar of service.

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