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July 27, 2007


Bringing busy people together.

(Thanks to Ted, who did not explain what he was looking for when he found it.)


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Some people have waaaaaay too much time on their hands.

*submits her roommate's name to the list*


*too scared to click to find out*

The ice chewers get together mostly to make jokes about the lint pickers.

My mother was an ice chewer. She broke several teeth, too. If home internet access had been around in the '70s, I'm sure she'd have been toothless before I was born. *for the first time, cheers 70s technology*

Ice Chew!


"I have been chewing ice for about 7 years now.....When I say chew I mean chew, I have about 8 gallon sized jugs per day....NOW my back teeth are REALLY suffering and costing me a small fortune in dental bills....Any suggestions on quitting? I already started smoking doesn't help now I have 2 great habits."


I'm too busy watching the block o' cheese age to bother with ice chips.


I am SO normal.

I use bottled spring water in my ice trays so they don't taste all like chlorine and nasty when they melt and I use the trays with angled cubes that slope downward so the edges aren't as sharp and sometimes I get brain freeze when I have to take the tray with me 'cause I'm in a rush and they get too melty in the car so I have to chew like 8 at once and I almost choked one day but the cube melted in my windpipe and I hate it when ppl tell me to use Kool-Aid because that's just a ghetto popsicle with no stick and the girl in the cube next to me slowly went insane because she couldn't have me fired because ice-chewing isn't covered in the company policies and procedures manual so she listened to *crunch crunch crunch* 8.5 hours a day for 9 months and then jumped out the window but it's not a problem I can stop at any time except right now because it would be a waste to let the tub of ice melt all over my desk and short out my computer and...

I just hope that none of you is the newest registered user on that board.

Lol, cj. Ice chew obfuscation.

*runs out of breath reading FedDuck's post*


Caffeine much?

8 cubes of ice.
add vodka and orange juice to taste.

Serves 1.

I'll take one of those Hammie, spank you!

FD - Do you pay for your ice-chewing habit with your office's slush fund?

DD, some joker spiked my ice with ephedrine!

SW, we drank up the office's lush fund.

...oh, wait. You said...ne'ermind

Silly people with so much time on their hands. Can you imagine wasting so much time at some blog site? Next thing you'll hear about people that are so addicted to a blog site that they'll form a forum to talk about the blog site and then....oh wait. We've already done that. Never mind.
*goes back to picking lint....*

idly wonders if there's a site for people who chew on their pen caps.....

crossgirl, no.

I've looked

Well, there's a myspace group for them, cg!

thanks diva! i can be the 59th member. how 'bout you siouxie?

me?? no I don't have that problem.

*spits out blue plastic*

Sxi, did you go out with Papa Smurf again last night?

no, Stevie...but Handy Smurf ain't using his hands much these days (IYKWIM) *wink*

*claps both hands over mouth to avoid LOUD gigglesnork*

there's an addiction for everyone, and a 12-step program for all. sign up. 'scuse me. i need to go change my sox. everyone in my group changes sox every half hour.

I was eating ice when I clicked on that link.

ooh! They're using the phpBB open source message board software.

I don't know if I noticed that because I also run a message board with that software, or if I'm just a nerd, or both...

"ghetto popsicle"

The frightening thing is the link at the top of page two, which will take you to several sites for "dog chewing problems."

Cruel AND yuckky...

Someone could make a fortune selling this to those people.

2923 members! Whew, I'm so glad I'm not the only one out there who indulges in the sin of chewing frozen water.

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