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July 30, 2007


Somebody stole the clock!

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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What I wanna know is, if Jesus and all 12 disciples are shown, who is taking the picture?

You know the day is off to a good start when Siouxie gets an early morning post!

YAY, Siouxie. :)

Also, I left a little something for all on the "Maine" thread. ;)

Good point, Annie. And was it taken from a grassy knoll? Maybe there was more than one photographer.

whispers to Annie - God. ;)

*staggers back from Miane thread. Pukes. Hates El. She is clearly part of the conspiracy!*



(See how nauseous I was! I couldn't even spell!)

If you flip The Last Supper backwards, the dinnerware spells out "Paul was't the walrus," or maybe it says "Buddhism is groovy," I forget which.


Annie, silly...they put the camera on "timer".


I am MUCH more concerned about THIS

You don't like Frosted Flakes, Punkin?

El!! if I didn't love ya I'd have to hurt ya!

tooooooooo early for that one!

Punkin, which part of that concerns you the most? That the sheep wouldn't testify (inference being that he enjoyed it) or that it's not a crime?? ;)

Punkin, I was disturbed by that one as well (sent it in too). I think the sheep was pressured into NOT testifying.

"(inference being that he enjoyed it)"

El, let's hope the sheep was a female, and ewe typed that wrong.

so now i can't blog THAT one either... sigh.

psst to judi, please to no one else to read - how about the 'Lake Monster' I sent you? :)

judi, you can blog anything you want! you're da boss.

btw, did they really take the Last Supper clock?? blasphemy!!

pogo, ewe are right: trypo ;)

The clock was taken by that guy who fell asleep at John Edwards' town hall meeting a week or so ago.

psst - judi - I'm refraining from commenting on the sheep until it is officially posted by ewe.

After "its mirror image threw up" (another picture altogether) Mr. Pesci was overheard saying, "Fuhgettaboud-it"

If you love Bob the Bear so much, why does he have a bullseye carved into him?

El, in addition to a certain plumbing misfit, rams are usually twice the size of ewes and tend to have evil tempers when "annoyed".

Note to His Blogness: Get Judi a decent monitor, ya cheapskate! That thing on her desk looks like my mother's old 13" Samsung TV/Betamax combo! A nice flatscreen monitor will save her vision and give her an instant increase in desk area. (not that such space ever remains open for long...)

Note: I have received no remuneration, compensation, or consideration from Judi for making that suggestion.

Does anyone else think that the mystery defendant in the sheep case is Michael Vick?

Thank you, pogo. I am a city girl and the closest I've ever been to an animal is at the Petting Zoo. (from outside the fence)
Oh, and a coyote walked through my backyard once. :)

"it looks more like judas is giving simon a headlock or a noogie..."
- Mike F, Toronto, Canada

For Annie (& others):

Q: What was the last thing said at the Last Supper?
A: "Everybody who wants to get in the picture, get on this side of the table!"

I heard they were lousy tippers and left the table a mess.

Who picked up the tab??

I also want to know - if Jesus saves, how come we always have to give him money?

... and you will see in the picture that
Two apostles are obviously kissing.
Jesus' face consists of one very large nose and he has four arms - definitely an alien.
In addition to a baby, she is choking a very ugly man - possibly Elvis.
They actually had thin drapes over the windows - clearly a sign that drapes are required to celebrate the Last Supper (speaking of which, wasn't the supper in the late evening???)
There is a ghost on either side of Jesus holding up one finger ... I think he just finished picking his nose.
There is now twice as much bread ... clearly a link to the "multiplication of the loaves" from an earlier Gospel verse.
To prove it is Mary Magdalen, there is a "M" super(man)-imposed on Jesus' chest

LOL beanie, quite observant!

Father Guido Sarducci claims to have the tab from the Last Supper. According to him, "It was actually a brunch. The check reveals that one guy only had a soft-boiled egg and tea, while everyone else stuffed themselves. But when the bill was paid, it was divided equally. The moral: 'In groups, always order the most expensive thing.'"

"It was actually a brunch."

Marge Simpson to French bowling teacher trying to seduce her: Brunch? What's brunch?

He: Eet eez a leetle beet like breakfast and a leetle beet like lunch, but zey geeve you a slice of canteloupe wiss it.

SW, are you saying Jesus and Ma. Magdalen can't elope, so they are having a party instead?

padraig, i have a better monitor now; those are the OLD office pics (or ... if the 'New' office pics still show that old monitor, i've since been upgraded. NOT because of dave (the equipment comes from the herald) but because i know it's in my best interests to keep on the good side of the techboys here ;)

....threw up another picture altogether. ?

eww. that musta bin some bender, if someone threw up a whole picture....

Yay Judi.

And best of luck getting to that next level of "World of Warcraft."

NOOOOOOO! Not the clock! The clock CAN'T be gone! *Sob*

It was definitely God... J.C. was heard to say, "come on, Dad, hurry up!"

If someone 'threw up another picture' of the Last Supper, it's gotta be for sale on eB@y.

I liked this from their comment section:

If you turn the mirror image through 180 degrees, one can then see that some of the guests at the last supper appear to be dancing on the ceiling. Does this indicate that Jesus, Mary Magdalene and child were big Lionel Richie fans? The plot thickens.
Posted by Ex-Marine on July 30, 2007 3:32 PM

And, like I already stated on another, inappropriate blog, that definitely looks like a guy's office.

What always amused/interested me about that painting wuz the apparent sampler/cross-stitch on wall at the back of the room ... there is still speculation on it's actual meaning, since the words are not very clear, but its authenticity has never been questioned ... and that's whut amuses me ...

Of course it's a 'cross'stitch. If you look closely, you can make out the writing -
Saul's House 'o Sandals - We're good for your sole.

*should've knowed better'n trineta get one past Annie ... but very apt, Annie ... merely thinkin' ...*

Well, my eyesight isn't whut it used to be ... (Benjamin Franklin, in Stan Freberg's The United States of America, The Early Years)

OK, so this is quite important, but I can't believe you missed the other story linked to on this page, namely:


i mean, HELLO, are you people on the illustrious dave barry blog totally ASLEEP. this is groundbreaking news.

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