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July 31, 2007


They are getting brazen.

(Thanks to Tyler Adams)


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Brazen Squirrel Terrorists WBAGNFARB.

Also just Brazen Squirrel.

braised squirrel is tasty too.

Interesting that they seem to target college students.

If I were a little younger, I'd target college students, too. Well, the men, anyway. ;-)

diva? can you say "cougar"? rowr.

Yes, Ma'am!!

Hey how is everyone? Staying away from squirrels, I hope! By the way...MOVING SUCKS...in case y'all didn't know :D

HI FILLY!!!! Yeah, I know. :( Yish. If I can come up and help you with stuff at some point, let me know. Just email me through myspace.

Well, I'm doin okay so far, but I reaaaaalllly need to clean my garage tonight and have NO motivation whatsoever to do so. That's the nice thing about the military, they pack AND move your stuff for ya. It's getting them out here and getting the actual move over with that's stressful. That and an extremely BUSY 19-month-old...

I'm sure he's VERY busy. And I like that they pack for you, but it would still make me awfully nervous!!!

Yeah, it does make me nervous...but I can't do it myself, practically...so I sit back and direct a bunch of big guys to do it for me. PLUS they unpack it for you once you get there, too. Also: I'm still not motivated to clean my garage.

You have a 19 month old packing for you? That's gotta be stressful. Why clean the garage? Let the next person deal with bloodstains, etc....

Filly - did you solve your parents highway dilemma?

*snork* @ Kathy.

I'm also hoping the highway dilemma is solved to your folks' satisfaction....

Ah, the highway dilemma has come to a temporary standstill...the house has been submitted to the KY Historical Office, in hopes that it gets put on the Nat'l Historic Places register...so for this short time, nothing is being done. Which is both good and bad at the same time. But I've given the jerk at the Trans. Office a piece of my mind, and told him that they would raze that house OVER MY DEAD BODY. I'm also compiling statements and stories from families in Sonora who have lived there long enough to remember when the town doctor practiced out of the house. Hopefully, it's enough to save the beauty.

Good job!!! I'll keep that in my prayers, too.

Send me some dates when you'd be available to go out while you're still in the area. I still want to get to meet you while you're here!

He said that he doesn't believe the squirrels pose any immediate threat.


all your banana bread are belong to us.

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