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July 31, 2007



(Thanks to somebody but I don't know who but maybe judi will know and put the name here: Siouxie)

UPDATE (thanks to Jeff Meyerson): What the HELL is going on?


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I'd name it Aragog...

B-b-but I h-h-hate sp-piders!!!

Y'know...I was going to mention black widows a few threads back. SOMEONE's in my head....

The spider in the container is clearly imaged and the dog/people are distorted. Excuse me, I need to adjust my beer....

beer goggles, cj?

dave, you spelled my name wrong, that's crossgirl, with a C...

I saw a black widow for the first time yesterday, at the bus stop. It was still sitting on the wall of the shelter when I caught my bus, so maybe it was waiting for the Campus Shuttle.

Jemmy - as long as you didn't make it sit in the back of the bus. That's a no-no.

"I wanted to destroy her but my husband has been keeping her - cause I don't know why," Reardon said.

Sad update - Mrs. Reardon has unexpectedly passed away. Authorities are still investigating but it seemed to have been caused by the bite of some sort of poisonous insect.

hmm...I sent this in today but I don't know if anyone else did ;-)

STILL, very creeeepy.

*hums the Itsy Bitsy Spider*

*gets broom out*
*attacks grapes*

"A black widow bite can cause people severe pain, cramping and illness, but deaths are relatively rare."

Except for boyfriends. Those are pretty-much 100% future-poop.

And yet, they keep coming back for sex.

*snork* @ bethie!

Mrs Gillett, 49, said: "I'm a little bit squeamish, but not too bad with spiders."
Mr. Gillett added, "I'm a little bit rock'n'roll."

Bethie, the key is to bite their heads off - then they don't come back...

Yo, high ^, Siouxie!

Thank you Ms. judi! and ^5, Jeff!

In my neck of the woods, it works differently. A few (heck, about 10)years ago, after sex one night, my (now, soon to be ex) husband went out to the back door to let our dogs in from their nightly potty break. He stood outside with them for a few minutes and came back in scratching his arm. About 20 minutes later, we were on our way to the emergency room for his extreme allergic reaction. Found out a little later that after sex, he was bitten by one of our resident black widows. I guess she was just finishing the job for me.

WW, did I mention how very happily married I am? So sorry but I'm not available for rebound relationships. Very happy. Just going out to buy my wife some flowers & chocolate right now...

*backs out of room keeping eye on WW all the way*

guess you could check out VS panties on the 'Crime in the Triangle' post. they always make nice presents. And I didn't bite him, the spider bit him. It's a sisterhood thing, you wouldn't understand.

^5 sistah!!

WW, mrs. padraig has already caught on that the gifts in the VS packages aren't entirely altruistic on my part. VS -- the gift that keeps on giving...

She hasn't bit my head off yet, at least not literally, so I guess I'm doing ok overall.

Am I a freak for actually liking spiders? Maybe. I wrote a bit about it on my blog and even gave it a name. Then again: we don't get black widows where we live (yet).

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