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July 27, 2007


Leominster PD Blue

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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i didn't finish reading the story, i was too disappointed that it didn't seem to have anything to do with that giant crab.

Only $100 bail for escaping? It just might be worth a try if your family has any semblence of non-dysfunctionality.

um, judi - there's a mr. foxworthy on line one.

Dennis Franz and Rckey Schroder? I picture Don Knotts and Otis the drunk.

Yeah, Stevie, but Otis would amble by and lock himself IN.

Too bad it happened in England - apparently they don't have trailer parks there so no one could 'steal home'.

"It is apparent the door did not close and lock."

SOMEbody's bucking for deTECtive...

KCSteve: For what it's worth, I think it's in Massachusetts. And Leominster is pronounced "lemin-stir".

Boy, this guy is not getting a lot of love from his family.

"She said she got into the van and Mr. Kweedor jumped in after her, sat on her lap and started the vehicle. He then drove it into a parked van, the report said.

“The impact threw her from the vehicle and pushed the other van into the front yard of 178 Fifth St.,” Officer Robichaud said."

Sooo... he's on her lap, and a head-on impact throws her out? Uh-huh, right...

Didn't I see this family on Jerry Springer last season?

The Leominster in England is pronounced "Lemsta" (rhymes with "hamster", at least locally). I had to learn that one when I lived in Hereford (pronounced "Erry-fud"). Now I'm on the Canadian prairies where Hereford is pronounced "Her-ferd", and nary a Leominster in sight.

Ida No, you were close. It is pronounced Leminstah.

...$100 bail because the Court was convinced that wherever he went he'd be ratted out by some member of his loving family

Leominster is a little west of Fitchburg, and it's pronounced "Leh-min-ster."

Mr Death is correct: Leominster (in England) is relatively near Hereford and is pronounced Lem-ster. It's also near Ludlow, which is pronounced Lud-low. ;)

I've been there many times as they used to have good used book stores.

Rick Schroder was once a child???

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