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July 30, 2007


The Lake-Eating Monster

(Thanks to Eleanor)


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YAY to El!!!!

From the picture, Mike Turner definately NEEDS a double-wide, as he, too, could suffocate all life beneath him.

Thanks, Siouxie!

I went out to lunch with CG and had an appletini, so I was already feeling pretty good, and then came back and this was dessert! ;)

Ok..so who's the monster?? the one on the boat?

*lovesssssss me some appletinis*

cg, you gallavanter!

Good thing Mike Turner is wearing a dust mask, what with all that water, vegetation, liquid chemical dust around....

*applauds El!*

Unfunny Alert. Noxious weeds are major bad news my fellow bloggers. Not as obvious as wildfires or other such disasters, but definately Day of the Triffids in real life.

It's also why I love Oregon. Only place I know of that you can throw a huge "weed" party and hundreds show up to pull the stuff.

*risks caseys wrath to substitute a with an i*

I love that Don Henley finally getting behind a worthwhile cause. Up here we have lots of noxious, invasive weeds that kill everything. There's also several of our 15000 lakes covered in blue-green algae; it produces hydrosulfuric acid, and this weekend there was a fish kill so it smells like sulfur water and rotten fish. I think I'd go stay in a hotel for a couple of days...

Not to make light of the problem (up here we've got Eurasian Milfoil and Zebra Mussels on the nasty list of stuff that will destroy our fisheries and recreational areas) and no disrespect intended, but my first thot wuz, upon seein' Don Henley is involved ... wuz ... mebbe he could smoke it?

Sorry ... my thought routing soon changed, but that wuz the first one to see the lite of day ...

/unfunny alert again
I'm gonna ditto Cheryl here. It really does sound like a B horror movie, but there's bad stuff happening whenever this takes over. I used to teach at Karnack ISD, which includes Uncertain. The story doesn't mention this, but a year of two after I left, the younger brother of one of my former students drowned there.
/end unfunny

I used to live on the Louisiana side of Caddo Lake. Used to be great bass fishing there. It's the one area of Louisiana I would willingly move back to.

The lakes have this and the trees and grass have to contend with kudzu. I would like to have the money to fund research for the medicinal properties of either of these - turn them into a cash crop...they'll disappear quickly, then.

Hey, don't worry. Caddo Lake will get the combined efforts of the state governments of both Louisiana AND Texas. Once those legislators get on the case... ah hell they're screwed.

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