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July 30, 2007


The Sting¹

(Thanks to DavCat)



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According to reports, the swarm has been mistaken for a bear in a tree and a dark cloud in flight.

I really could see that happening. Bears and bees are like identical.

they were at the donut shop so we had to go...

likely story from the fuzz...

Beekeeper Rodney Dillinger told AFP the colony was likely "stressed" and became dissatisfied with their queen. So, they raised a rival queen and then sent her into exile.

She was probably a real byotch. Making them work overtime and banning booze. No wonder they were stressed. I hear she's on her way to Florida.

When they find them they will bee sooo buzzted.

"He said they were last seen near a Tim Horton's" donut shop on the edge of town...

That's not helpful--Tim Horton's are everywhere up there!

"We haven't found them yet. But I know which direction they went," he said...
"We believe they are on the Pakistani border, where they working on an Osama-shaped videotape."

Tim Horton's was rumored to be adding caffeine to their coffee to make it more addictive. If the bees got into some of that, they'll buzz all the way to Mexico.

Obviously these are not Africanized bees we're talking about. You can't take a broom to a swarm of those types and expect the swarm to let you get away with it.

It's a well known fact that a Mountie always gets his man busy, honey making insect.

Bee on the lookout.

If you hear a knock on the door acompanied by loud buzzing, don't answer.

Stevie, but what if it's Punkin??

Punkin is buzzing?

I said knock, not knockers.

Hmm...with her...first come the knockers...then the buzzin'.

At least the cops donut have to go far to find them!!

A true story. In the early years of the gold mining industry there were migrant laborers from all over, including portugese speakers from Mocambique, the most common languages were Zulu, Afrikaans and English. In order for everyone to understand each other a bastardized language called Funigalo (funny galore) was developed. The common housefly was called lo picanin flymatchien, i.e. a very small flying machine, a bee was called lo picanin flymatchien ka lo jam, i.e. a very small flying machine with jam. A rock drill used for drilling the blast holes for the dymamite was called a jumper, or jomper in funigalo, and it therefore follows that a mosquito was called lo picanin flymatchien ka lo jomper.

now we all think you're smart an you're validated there hoople. feel better?

Bon, Mot.

Pay no mind to Keil, Mot. I think you're quite valid every day. He's just still buzzed because we had the same thought several posts apart. ;-)

SW - You obviously don't know the buzzing story. And you shall never know.

Siouxie! You got some 'splainin' to do!!

If I had to yell 'lo picanin flymatchien ka lo jam' every time I saw a bee, I'd move.

I love this story. A bee sent into exile, what could be better!

Mot, you're A-OK in my book. *smooch*

bzzzzz bzzzzzz

We haven't seen that Siouxie Floouxie, Punkin.

Mot - I don't think you were drone-ing on, either.

Mottie, ju are fabulous and smart too!

sooooo...small penis in funigalo would be - lo picanin sexmatchien ka lo jomper??

That definitely looks like a guy's office.


But if Siouxie does her 'splainin' then SW will know the buzzing story, even if you did try to leave it behind you.

Bethie - wrong thread, and I disagree. It's the office of a woman pushed too far, too soon, too often.
*loads another pun in the chamber*

KC, I ain't sayin' nuthin'!

Annie - You just keep firin' 'em. I LIVE for your puns!

*pats Siouxie on head*

Good girl.

Now let's all move along...there's nuthin' to hear here.

Hmph. It's not nice to talk about secrets in public. *pouts*

I hate feeling left out.


Wow! You go to read a blog and a pun fight breaks out. Geez!

hate to say it but this already is a major motion picture although this film may have the distinction of being one of the worst "disaster films" ever made.

Okay, *sigh*

For anyone who is interested, and didn't read it the first time....here you go.

Scroll down to the bold type telling Mary to put the kids to bed.

*snorkin'* again LOL

Hi, Rick!! (And hi to El, Punkin, Siouxie, etc. who I mighta missed this morning.) :)

GOOD GOD, PUNKIN!!!! And to think I never read that before!!!!!


Ms. Poo, that is one classic story that I will be telling my children and grand children as I point to the picture of you and SK.

Thank you. It is my legacy.


I hope my spelling looks ok since my eyeballs popped out of my head in a fit of laughter over Punkin's story. Thanks, thats the first good laugh I've had in a week.

Punkin, you are a legend. Just....really. A friggin' legend!!!

oh Punkin' That was wonderful!! Thanks for resharin' I'm trying so hard not to laugh here at work. Only you...

"According to reports, the swarm has been mistaken for a bear in a tree and a dark cloud in flight"
They are also mistaken for a small boy strutting back and forth in front of the tree, saying, "Tut, tut, it looks like rain."

Dillinger is the good guy??? he must be quite a honey.

Thanks, Punkin!

It's a great story and certainly deserves an encore. ;)

AND - it has a happy ending! LOL

The cops' first clue was to look near a donut shop? I'm sure they stuck around for quite some time gathering "evidence".

qnsb: Yeah, Rodney Dillinger sounds like a comic whose sideline is knocking over banks.

Punkin...I'm dyin' here, and really sorry for all those weeks last summer I was too depressed to even read the Blog. That story would have done the work of 500 pounds of Prozac!
...and congratulations on adding the ultimate criterion to the list of "How to Choose a Husband."

Thanks for letting me know I posted on the wrong thread again, Annie! How do I keep doing that? *continues to drink beer and wonder*

Tnx, Punkin' ... I wuz merely gonna suggest that Siouxie & y'all could leave the rest of the gang uninformed, but that wouldn't have been proper (?) or polite (!??!?!?!) ... so I'm really glad you linked it ... great LOL all over again, and now I've bookmarked it ... it's in the file labeled "Stories I will NOT share with my grandchildren, until they have kids of their own" ...

BTW, as to the subject (?) of this thread? Key quote: But I know which direction they went ,,,

OK, so did he make a bee-line for that location?

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