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July 23, 2007


In last week's episode as conceived of by The Amazing Episode-Conceiving Steve, Jack Bauer traveled backward in time to 1968 and found himself in an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies. He ended up clinging to an armored car that went into a mysterious tunnel and wound up on a dirt road. Edgar is still dead.

We now turn you over to The Amazing Steve.


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24 – Two Days Later – Hour 9

The following takes place between 3 am and 4 am

3:00 am – The armored car drives down the road at high speed with Jack barely hanging onto the roof. As it slides around a corner, the driver slams on the brakes to avoid hitting a country store. Jack is unable to hold on to the roof any longer. He falls off the roof, rolls through the front doors of the store, and slams against the counter inside. The shopkeeper, who has been on the phone while this happened, tells the person he’s speaking with, “Hold on… It just happened again. I’ll call you back later.” A man with white hair who has been looking at items in the store rushes over to Jack. The shop keeper hangs up the phone and goes around the counter to examine Jack too.

3:02 am – As they do this, another man walks into the store. He is wearing a brown coat and a tan hat. The man looks down at Jack and says, “I didn’t know Sam was setting up a hotel! Don’t you think the Shady Rest will be a little upset by you asking people for money to sleep here?”

The white-haired man tells him, “Mr. Kimball, Sam isn’t asking people for money. This man just came through the door!”

Mr. Kimball replies, “Hi, Mr. Douglas. Sam isn’t asking for money? That’s a good idea. That’ll probably put your competition out of business in no time.”

Mr. Douglas says, “He’s not trying to put anyone out of business. We’re just trying to help this man.”

Jack starts to stir, and says, “Oh, my aching head!”

Mr. Douglas says, “Sam, help me get him up in that rocking chair.”

Mr. Kimball says, “If you’re not trying to put anyone out of business, not charging money for people to stay here is a funny way of doing it.”

3:04 am –Mr. Douglas asks Jack if he’s all right. Jack tells him that he thinks he’s OK, but he could really use a telephone. Jack passes out again.

Mr. Douglas says, “Maybe we better not move him.”

Mr. Kimball tells Sam, “He sure does sleep a lot. Guess that’s probably because check-out time isn’t until 2 pm.”


3:09 am - Jack starts to wake up again. Mr. Douglas and Mr. Kimball help him to a rocking chair. Mr. Douglas asks Jack, “Are you O.K.? What’s your name? How about a drink of water?” Jack refuses the water, tells him his name is ‘Jack’ and says that he’ll be fine. Mr. Douglas goes over to Sam to talk to him.

Mr. Kimball comes over to Jack and says, “I know that sleeping here for free is a pretty good deal, but the Shady rest has some pretty cheap rates, real beds and everything! They’re just up the road!”

Jack says, “What are you talking about…?”

Over at the counter, Mr. Douglas asks Sam if he can use his telephone. “The telephone at our house isn’t working. I went up the telephone pole today to use it, and a bird built a nest in it!”

Sam says, “You’re gonna have to watch that. A bird’s nest like that will ruin it.”

Mr. Douglas says, “I was planning on moving the….”

Sam continues, “Yep, especially right before migration season. They’ll run up long distance bills making those reservations.”

Jack looks dumbfounded, “Birds making reservations?”

Sam says, “Oh sure, you don’t think they’d fly down south without reservations do you?”

3:12 am - Mr. Douglas looks at Jack and shrugs. He turns to Sam and says, “I need to use your telephone. I have to call over to Pixley to rent a post-hole digger.”

Mr. Kimball says, “I have a posthole digger.”

Mr. Douglas seems surprised, but pleased. “Well, can I borrow it?

Mr. Kimball replies, “You can’t.”

Mr. Douglas, “You mean I can’t borrow it? Did someone else borrow it? Where is it?”

Mr. Kimball replies, “I took it to college.”

Mr. Douglas says, “You took your posthole digger to….”

Mr. Kimball tells him, “Well sure! It was my nephew Tommy. I don’t think he’s majoring in posthole digging through. Never could get those postholes right. Always came out triangular…”

3:15 am - Jack says, “I hate to interrupt, but I need to find some Chinese …”

Sam interrupts, “That’d be in Pixley too. They have a great restaurant there.”

Mr. Douglas can’t stand this anymore, “Oh, for heaven’s sake… Can I just use the phone?”

Sam replies, “Oh, no. That was Mabel, on the line. She said that they’re fixing something on the telephone lines for the next couple of hours. She said it had to do with some birds making some reservations down south.”

Mr. Douglas throws up his hands. “Woo, boy! That’s it. Come on Jack, let’s get you out of here. You can come back to my house until you feel better.”


3:20 am - Mr. Douglas drives Jack to a farm, with a large barn and a small wooden house. Mr. Douglas has been talking the whole way home, describing what life is like in the area. As they arrive, Mr. Douglas sees a man talking to a woman in front of his home. He rushes out of the car. “Stop! Lisa, don’t buy whatever he’s selling!”

Lisa speaks with an accent, “Oliver! Mr. Haney has something I think you ought to see!”

Jack gets out of the car and eyes the contraption that Mr. Haney is standing next to. It’s covered with a tarp. Jack asks,“What is it?”

Lisa asks, “Oliver, aren’t you going to introduce your friend?”

Oliver says, “Oh, excuse me. Lisa, this is Jack. He had a bit of a tumble at Sam Drucker’s.”

Lisa asks Jack, “Oh, you’re an acrodat?”

Oliver corrects her. “I think you mean, ‘acrobat’.”

Lisa asks, “That’s what I said: acrodat.”

Jack says, “No, ma’am. I’m a federal agent…”

Oliver says, “Jack will be staying with us until we can get his bearings. I didn’t want to have him wait down at Drucker’s”.

Mr. Haney looks a little nervous at hearing Jack say he’s a federal agent. He asks, “You ain’t with the Internal Revenue Service, are you?”

Jack looks amused by this, “No, sir.”

Mr. Haney looks greatly relieved. He says in a low voice, “You know, if you need bearings, I can get you some of those…”

3:23 am - Oliver asks, “What is this contraption anyway?”

Mr. Haney sees that he’s got Mr. Douglas’ attention and says, “It’s a gen-u-ine posthole digger!”

Oliver looks suspicious. “How did you know I needed a posthole digger?”

Mr. Haney says, “You do?? What a happy coincidence!”

Oliver says, “Well, let’s take a look at it…”

Mr. Haney pulls off the tarp and tells everyone, “Here it is!” The device has curling pipes, glass tubes, and steam coming out of a large tank.

Oliver looks at it. “That’s supposed to be a posthole digger? It looks like a moonshine still!”

Mr. Haney looks affronted. “Why, it’s the finest posthole digger in the country! It was used by George Washington at the Battle of Little Big Horn!”

Jack looks a little more aware of his surroundings now and speaks up, “George Washington was never….”

Mr. Haney continues, “It was used to dig postholes to make a fence that kept out the invading Mongolian Hordes…”

Olive says, “Mongolian Hordes? Oh, come on now….”

Lisa says, “I think we should buy it! If it was a good enough post whatchamacallit for George Washington, it should be good enough for us!”

3:26 am - A lanky young man comes running out of the house. “Mrs. Douglas! Mrs. Douglas!”

Lisa says, “What is it, Eb?”

Eb looks startled when he sees the contraption which Mr. Haney is trying to sell. “Hey! My uncle had one of those in his backyard! He used to try and make moonshine with it!”

Oliver looks very self-satisfied, “Ha! You see? I told….”

Eb continues, “We all thought it was crazy for trying to make moonshine using a posthole digger.”

Oliver does a double take, “There….Wait….what…?”

3:27 am - Lisa asks, “Why did you come out here in such a hurry, Eb?”

Eb looks at her blankly for a moment, and then realizes what he came outside for. “Those acrodats you invited inside the house for breakfast don’t look like they’re feeling too good.”

Oliver asks, “Acrobats!” He turns to Lisa, “You invited acrobats into our house for breakfast?”

Lisa replies, “Well, you see, they came to the house looking for a tire. They all looked so hungry that I decided to serve them some of the hot cakes I was making.”

Oliver says, “Oh, Lisa… You didn’t serve anyone those hot cakes did you? The last ones you served me this morning were like rubber!”

Lisa looks offended, “Well, that’s not what his friends said!” She points at Jack. “They said they were perfect!”

Jack looks surprised, “My friends? You saw my friends??”

Eb says, “Sure! They’re acrodats just like you!”

Oliver corrects, “Acrobats!”

Jack says, “I’m not an acrobat! I don’t have any friends that are acrobats!”

Eb says, “Well, I thought for sure that acrodats like you would stick together.” He looks closely at Jack, “Come to think of it, you don’t look very Chinese. Just what kind of acrodat are you?”

Jack says, “I’m not an acrodat…er, acrobat! ….Wait, did you say, ‘Chinese’?”

Eb says, “Sure! They’re in the kitchen!”

3:29 am - Jack runs into the house, through the living room and into the kitchen. There’s no one there. Everyone else comes running into the kitchen after him.

Eb exclaims, “They’re gone!”

Lisa says, “And they finished my hot cakes!”

Jack goes out the back door of the kitchen, but doesn’t see anyone. He returns, “They’re gone. Which way did they head?”

Eb points, “They said their truck broke down just up the road!”

3:32 am - Jack asks Oliver, “Can we borrow your car? I’ve been chasing after those people, looking for my friends.”

Lisa says, “The acrodats?”

Jack says, “No!” He turns to Oliver, “Can I have the keys to your car. This is very important!” He sways, as if still a little dizzy.

Oliver says, “With that spill you took when you rolled into Drucker’s, I think Eb better drive.” He tosses the keys to Eb.

Lisa says, “Spill? Roll? I though you said you weren’t an acrodat!”

Jack and Oliver say, “ACROBAT!”

Eb and Jack run to the Douglas’ car, and they start driving up the road.


3:38 am - There are cornfields on either side of the car. Eb turns left down a country road and heads for a farm. Jack asks, “Is this the way to the car?”

Eb says, “Oh, no, it’s not. I just have to pick someone up that I promised I’d take into Pixley later. They said their car is further on down the road.”

Jack protests, “We’re going after the men that were at the Douglas house! We have to find my friends! Maybe you should let me drive.”

Eb tells Jack, “This won’t take but a minute.”

3:40 am - The car stops, and Eb puts his fingers in his mouth to whistle. He opens the car door, and out from the barn trots a small pig. The pig gets into the backseat and Eb closes the door. They start back out toward the main road.

Jack looks at the pig, “Uh, Eb…. There’s a pig in the backseat.”

Eb says, “What? Oh, that’s Arnold.”

Jack asks, “We stopped for a pig?”

Eb replies, “I told you, we’re going to Pixley later.”

Arnold grunts.

Eb translates, “Arnold says you look like you’re a good acrodat.”

They turn back out onto the main road. Jack says, “Look, these guys are dangerous. They have my friends in the back of the armored car.”

Arnold grunts and squeals.

Eb says, “Yeah, you’re right Arnold!”

Jack asks, “What did he say?”

Eb says, “He says that for someone that’s in a hurry to save your friends, you’re sure taking your time!”

3:44 am - They drive up within two hundred yards of the car, and Jack tells Eb to pull over. Arnold jumps out and disappears into the cornfield.

Jack pulls out some binoculars from his Jack Pack. He looks at the armored car, but doesn’t see any movement. He notices something strange about the tires, but can’t make out what it is.

3:46 am - He tells Eb, “Wait here, I’m going to need to get closer.”

Jack gets out of the car and goes a row or two into the cornfield before heading towards where the armored car is parked.


3:52 am - After quite while, Jack makes it through the thick stalks of corn and comes out next to the armored car. The hood is up and there’s a pounding noise coming from the back of the armored car. Jack can see that one of the back tires looks like it has Lisa’s hot cakes on the outside of it. He looks into the passenger’s side of the car, but doesn’t see anyone. He moves to the back of the doors, and quickly opens them. Bill, Morris and Chloe nearly fall out of the back. They have gags in their mouths, and their hands tied behind their back. Chloe tries to tell Jack something, but it sounds like “MOM! AIRS A MOM!” Jack gets the idea. They run about 50 yards, and all dive to the ground.

Nothing happens.

Arnold goes trotting by, and grunts at them as he passes. There are wires in his mouth. They watch him get back into the car with Eb.

3:55 am - They all get up, take another look at the armored car, and walk back to Eb and Arnold. Jack unties them as they head back. Chloe gives Jack a hug, and says, “We thought you were a goner when you fell out of that belfry!”

Jack says, “So did I! Someone in a knit mask with a mesh screen where the mouth was pushed me over the edge while I was off balance. I think it was Darth Vader!”

Chloe smacks him in the back of the head. “Darth Vader? Did you actually say ‘Darth Vader’? Darth Vader is a fictional character!”

Jack says, “But it looked….”

3:58 am - They get back to Eb and Arnold.

Eb says, “I see you found your friends!”

Arnold grunts.

Morris asks, “What’s with the pig?”

Eb says, “He says that he disabled the bomb.”

3:59 am - There’s a bright flash.

They’re standing on a road with cornfields on either side of them. Eb and Arnold are gone. So is the armored car. Everything else looks nearly the same.

Bill asks, “What just happened?”

4:00 am - Time’s up!

Awesome, Steve! Green acres is the place for me, land spreading out far and wide, darling, I love ya, but give me that countryside.

What next? Starsky and Hutch? Chips? Love Boat? SNL and the Blues Brothers? I can't wait for Mondays...... thanks.

Miami Vice? Bay Watch? McGyver? Quantum Leap?

Are we heading off to Hee Haw next week?

Steve - I can't tell you enough how brilliant you are!! You have a knack for picking up the nuances of dailogue on every one of these bloody shows. I am just in awe of your immense talent!! // end gushing

LOVE the posthole digger and Lisa's flapjacks. Geez, I remember those things! Two thumbs up again!

Hm...cornfields. I'll be thinking on that one....

And Doc - if you stop by here (as I'm sure you will!) buzz me on the IM when you can. :-)

Did someone say something about hot cakes?! YUM!

*cozies up to blog bar and waits for waitress*

What're ya havin', Cheryl? Uh, and the PC term is server, not that I care..... a rose by any other name is still a rose.

I make these at home:


GREAT Pancakes.

*dons uniform*

All righty, Ms Cheryl, what can I gitcha?

Oops, Med - sorry for toe-steppin'. I didn't sees ya there. :-) I shall let you professional do your thing!

*changes out of costume*

Let's try that again... with this link to a pancake recipe we make at home.

But I WILL give y'all Steve's link.

Ooookaaaay.... Twice I'm foiled!! :-)

Steve - I have my Grandmother's recipe for buttermilk pancakes (it was her Grandmother's too), which are to die for... my sister recently made them for her hubby, and he asked her why she had been holding out on him for the last 10 years.

Email me and I will share. They are truly heaven.

And so are the memories of her making them on the "island" grill while we were seated around the bar watching and competing to see who could eat the most. ;-P I most always won.... but my uncles were letting me, I think......

We useta raise hogs, and one of them we had looked exactly like Arnold ... except she wuz a she ... so ... we named her Arnoldine (ISIANMTU!!!) ... she had several litters of piglets for us ... then when she got older, she wuz perty large ... so we sold her ... she sure wuz a Big Mother ... Pig ...

---in awe of you *24 guy* - I hope your paying job gives you this much pleasure. Damn, you're good.

Sounds like there now on HEE-HAW with the cornfields on either side of them.

Gloom, despair, and agony on me
Deep, dark depression, excessive misery
If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all
Gloom, despair, and agony on me

We figured they were rich, armed to the hilt
And we figured they had cash like the Vanderbilts
'Cause we had heard for years how they were so skilledt
How was we to know they meant the way they were killt,

Gloom, despair, and agony on me
Deep, dark depression, excessive misery
If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all
Gloom, despair, and agony on me

compliments of Roy and Buck

LOL! Very nice, Med. :-)

Cornfields...hmmm...oh, no, Steve, don't go there. Not the Waltons.

Please, not the Waltons...

Oh, no, Wes - the Waltons? No. Surely not. I don't remember cornfields on the Waltons...I hope.

Goodnight John Boy....Nite Mary Ellen...Nite Paw...Nite Maw...

Most excellent, Steve!

Cornfields...hmm...Stephen King...Children of the Corn...


What's wrong with the Waltons? I loved that show. It could be worse.... Laverne and Shirley, with Lenny and Squiggy totally screwing things up, for example. However, totally redeemable by a special guest star showing up, with a "Heyyy..." and Ralph Malph, with "I've still got it."

OMG, Sioux. Was about to blog that same dialogue, but I'm not ready for beddie bye yet! ;-P

The Walton's lived on a mountain. In West Virginia I believe. What other shows involved a farming? By the way bartender, I could use a brewski if you have the time.

I was thinking Children of the Corn, too, Sioux, but it just seemed too much to hope for!

*should have said "involved farming". A bit rusty at this stuff these days*

Heyyyy, Rick!! How are you? The kids drive you completely insane yet?

*sends down a tall icy one for the Doc*

Well! I don't see you in a couple of weeks and then you bowl me over with 2 simuls in a row!! Goodness!! ;-)

It's gotta be Hee Haw! I just can't think of any other relevant shows involving farms that are worthy of his Jackness.

Walton's mountain is in Virginia.

But that's not where they are. :-)

Steve - you're SNEAKY. :-D I like it like that! Keep me guessing!!!

Thanks Diva! Things are busy as always, but I make time on my Monday's for the Amazing Steve. Hope things are well with you as well as everyone else out here.

They're good right now. :-) IM me if you have a few minutes here.

The show's going well, though I'm exhausted after 8 straight days of rehearsing and performing. It'll likely be an early night for me.

Steve - I can't wait for your next installment....

Ric, how about a Pil$ner Urquell? Invented filtered beer, and established "the look" of all things brewski.

A ME.... give Ric a break. Begging is not attractive.

Steve scores again!

Bout to head out myself Diva. By the way. Don't know if any one on here had mentioned it today, but Fox has cast the new president for the next season of "24". It's a woman. The actresses name escapes me right now, but they announced it just recently at the fall preview tour.

Thanks Med, I will take one of whatever the heck it was that you said. I'll try anything once. *a statement I have learned to regret*

Dave blogged it earlier today, Doll.

Niters, Rick. Hug the Big D, too! :-)

Steve, thanks for the 24 and the recipe, although the latter sounds as if it would stop a perfectly good heart at 50 pace (1 stick of butter, just to grease the griddle!).

Doc brings up an interesting question for which I can't lasso an answer, farmers on early TV. Ranchers (Bonanza, High Chaparral), and timber folks (that Seattle show that came out of 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' and the Waltons), but not the hit-it-a-lick farmers. Methinks they knew their market had many farmers that wanted something different, and I can't think of a TV program (not movie) about basic farming prior to 'Little House.' Anybody else? Tangentially related doesn't count....

Hm. Corn fields? Little house? *still thinking*

Doc - Cherry Jones

LOL, fud - I read that and thought of Cherry Ames, the nurse in a series of books that I read as a kid!

I've been reading Dave's 2008 election answers, and I know that the whole "Ginger" think is supposed to be funny, but I don't really understand why, unless it's a non-sequiter.

Kristina - it goes back to the question "Wasabi or ginger?" that someone asked. Dave picked ginger. Then someone asked, "MaryAnn?" Dave said, "Not on my watch." So, now it's just a default answer. :-)

For Kristina:

cheat sheet and explanation. Hope it helps.

Kristina - apparently I lied. It goes back farther than that.... I haven't found the root yet. If I do, I'll let you know!

homeybeef - if you pop in over here, let me just say, no one, BUT NO ONE can beat the '85 Chicago Bears. Just sayin'.

Great line on Leno -

"What do you call it when Britney Spears wears panties? A disguise!"


Speaking of 24, the 24th hour approaches, so it's time to sweep-up east end of the BlogBar. Nytol....

CJRun, (and anyone else that's going to try Alton's Recipe)

If you use a non-stick pan, you won't need the butter to grease the pan. The pancakes just lift off for the flip, and cook nicely.

If you don't have a non-stick pan, just to use enough butter to lightly grease the pan. The way Alton Brown (the guy from Food Network that did the original recipe) did it, was to use the stick of butter almost like a glue stick. Just open one end of the packaging, hold on to the rest and lightly coat the bottom of the pan. When the first batch is done, do the same thing again for the next batch.

Also one last hint: They're on a road in rural America, near farms, not necessarily on one.

Woot! Bears!

Thanks, CJRun. I actually do know how to make a link, but I just keep forgetting to put it in.

Oddly enough, on some of the sites I post to, it doesn't work if I do use the a href stuff - on those, I just have to paste in the link. Weird.

I was also thinking Wizard of Oz, Steve, but you've been sticking to TV, so I discarded that idea.

YAY, STEVE!!!!! Da Bears ROCK!!!!!

Did someone say farm

Wow, Steve, even the Chinese enjoyed this episode. Terrific work!

Cornfields and a country road...Mayberry, RFD? Petticoat Junction? Can't wait to find out where the gang lands next week!

Ah, the midnight spammer arriveth. What took you so long?

Hi, Ducky, pete!! How's your night?

HEY!!! I just now noticed I got posted on the Juggernaut forum a whole week ago!!! WOOHOO!!

Paper or plastic?
DeskDiva, Kansas City, MO 7/15/07

I agree with the American people.
Dave Barry 7/15/07

Doing good, DD. Are you tending?

How are you this evening, DD and Ducky?

Sure thing! Whatcha drinkin' tonight? I think I shall pour myself a double kahlua and cream.

And things are good, pete, if a bit exhausting right now. I'm going to write a letter to the theatre company board that next summer they insist on there being a day off between Tech Week and opening night. It's been a grueling 8 days with no breaks. And, of course, a cast party every night of the show, too. ;-)

That sounds good! Cold and sweet.

When did the show start?

*pours a kahlua and cream for pete and slides it down the bar*

Ducky may have flapped out of here already. Some nights she's on short time.

What's up with you, pete?

We opened Thursday night to a paltry audience because there was rain in the forecast, but we had GREAT audiences for Friday, Saturday and last night.

Our poor little Winthrop, tho, had a horrible asthma attack Friday night, but he's such a little trooper. :-) He did the other shows anyway, even tho you could hear (esp. last night) that he was out of breath. We got excellent responses from the audiences every night.

I'm doing fine, busier than a one-armed paper hanger with the itch.

Where are you doing the play?

You know we had a simul a few minutes ago? Was it good for you?

Leawood, KS. It's a very simple small amphitheatre in a fairly new park way out south off Mission Road. We have performances still on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week, and then have to strike the set after the final show, AFTER which, naturally, we'll all migrate to the closest IHOP for coffee and a Rooty-Tooty Fresh 'n' Fruity. :-) I should get home around 4:30 Sunday morning.

I will not be making it to church this week. Beth Moore will just have to sub in on my CD player.

pete, Dearie, it's ALWAYS good for me!! ;-)


What church do you go to? The name "Beth Moore" sounds familiar.

I'm a Missouri-Synod Lutheran, born and raised, and I love my church.

But Beth Moore is a non-denom women's Bible study writer and leader who does some of the most amazing studies I've ever experienced. I have done "Breaking Free" twice and know that will be the one that I will return to many times in my life. These are extremely involved studies with much homework and lots of self-reflection. I'm getting ready to do that one again because it deals with anything in your life that controls you or has a hold over you and it teaches you how to throw off that "yoke of slavery" in God's name. Simply amazing.

I will have to check that out. Mo. Synod is really big in our area. Lot's of Germans.

DD, I hate to break up the party, but I have got to get to bed.

Nite, Sweetie! God Bless You and your efforts in the play.


Yeppers!! That's me - 100% on both sides. :-) And stubborn as a mule to go with it.

But I am SUCH a disgrace to my German family. I don't like beer or sauerkraut. *sigh* I am sooo ashamed.

The websites (if you're interested):

Beth Moore

You, too, Sugar. :) Sleep well, pete! Sweet dreams! And thank you. *smooch*

'Morning all!

*Looks around, finds self alone.*

*Wanders off to take diverdowncat to the vet for diabetic check*

She must be sneaking Snickers® or something.


*Wanders into blogbar, grabs broom and begins sweeping*

Mornin' Hammie!!! *Waves!!*

*Waves @ Siouxie!!*

*Wanders into blogbar, grabs two shots of Jim Beam Black and begins wishing that promotion from graveyard shift would hurry up and get here helping The Ham Man with his sweeping*

Urp. Anyone else up this late early?

*shuffleshuffleblink* someone say pancakes?

Hmm...hey guys, you missed a spot!

*having second cup of coffee now*

cg, someone must have eaten them all. dang.

Hey, ddd! And cg! And Siouxie too (not to)! It's been quite a while since I had a threesome of lovely ladies to (not two) whom I could offer a round of drink buying. Too (not ptoo) bad y'all are more interested in pancakes than bourbon.

Well, maybe not you, ddd. Still fighting Darwin at the a$$ end of the clock? ;-)

uh dude, if i could trade that bourbon for a bloody mary, everything will be just fine. siouxie says were out of pancakes anyway.

mmmpf. mornin'. anyone know where ddd keeps her defibrillator? coffee's just not gonna do it today.

dd - here's a link to my ELCA church. I was in charge of construction for the building. Three years later and it's still standing!

*Wheels in cart with pancakes, waffles, bacon, muffins, scrambled eggs, omelets, strawberries, blueberries, cream, pop-tarts™, orange juice, apple juice, tomato juice, vodka and beer.*

I found this outside. Should we keep it?

*grabs pancakes, waffles, bacon, muffing, scrambled eggs, omlets, strawberries, blueberries, cream, pop-tarts, orange juice, apple juice, tomato juice, vodka and beer*

What, no sausage?

*takes the vodka & hides it*

*serves up a heaping plateful of goodies* YUMM!! thanks Hammie!

fivver, I can always try to wake you up with a bit of hot wax.

Fivver -- try the bourbon. Maybe you can reverse the effect. ;-)

cg: I do remember stocking some vodka into Steiners' Bar. What's your mixer preference? Straight tomato juice, V8, Snappy Tom or Clamato? I pride myself on being a beer/ale/martini snob who can accommodate Bloody Mary snobs, given advance warning.

*seriously considers Siouxie's offer*

WD- just cafe for me.

Pass the goodies and hold the wax, please.

wooo[!...an early morning simul with a LIVE & KICKIN' MAN!!

Whew! I'd better have some coffee after that.

Okay, Siouxie's banished to having cafe over there in the cafe because she hid the vodka.

Okay, I don't really mean that -- banishing Siouxie from anywhere will likely result in widespread destruction is unthinkable.

Okay, there is no third paragraph.

hehe...why thank you, WD!!

*puts machete away*

Excellent episode, Steve. You're setting the bar ever higher.

Perhaps you're venturing into FILM with your next episode?....

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