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July 30, 2007


Hold your heads high.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Pierogi with ketchup? why not?

illinois again? maybe the ketchup will be used for fries for the folks with the munchies!

first (?) to "world record STOMP" on world record ketchup packet...

There is hope for peace in the Middle East.

Holy testicular tuck.

But the Guiness Book people wouldn't take the Pierogi- why do these guys think that a ketchup packet would make it?
That isn't very PC of Guiness.

On that ethnic note, I gotta go get ready to fihgt the good fight. Later!

Parsons said the ketchup won't ever be eaten.

Too bad, Souxie. But it was a good idea.

Say, do you think a waterbed filled with ketchup would work? Just thinkin' out loud.

The giant ketchup packet will be sealed and kept in Collinsville, once home to a ketchup factory, for a few days before being taken to the Pittsburgh-based Heinz's headquarters, where it will be stashed in a worker's desk drawer "for later" and found years from now by the next occupant of that cubicle.

ifit, here's your new boots (if you ruined your old ones by stomping on that ketchup packet):


Yes, but don't they have to refrigerate it? :)

The excitement never ends in Collinsville, does it?

Wowser! Them folks in ... um ... Wherever, Illinois are so far ahead of the pack, no other place in the world will ever be able to ketchup ...

DANG, Moon! Are they selling Babe the Blue Ox to go with it?

Prolly not, Dd ... tho they DO have an extremely large sock-knitting machine listed on eShmay ...

Thanks Moon!

One thing I learned in high school: When doing "the STOMP" in boys' bathroom, simultaneously lift non-stomping foot approx. 10" from floor. There is very little chance of evidence, er, I meant splatter being left on boots.

...or so I've been told

I'm a self-proclaimed ketchup-holic. So essentially, this is a dream come true for me.

Does anyone know how to get to Collinsville?

Schade, I'd much rather have a giant packet of mayo.

Nice to know Teresa Heinz Kerry is continuing with her philanthropy.

Yep, Schade - it's just outside St. Louis.

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