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July 27, 2007


The new Sandusky?

(Thanks to Dan Right)


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Hey, at least nobody will know who they are.

What's with northern Ohio? It's becoming the new Wisconsin.

oh... and...



(How terribly sad and empty my life must be.)

Cicconetti has used barnyard animals to dispense justice in the past.
*thinks to myself: gee, that's how I usually get into trouble with the law*

*makes mental note not to have fivver watch pets next vacation*

"Cicconetti has used barnyard animals to dispense justice in the past."

Geeez....I didn't know sheep could hit so hard.

how can we get him on the Presidential ballott?

God help the dry cleaner that loses this guy's pants.

All I saw was:

"Cicconetti has used barnyard animals .. ....... ....... in the past"

Texas...didn't you mean:

"Cicconetti has used barnyard animals in the pasture" ??

jeff: naw, in ohio we woulda gone over to that kids house and punched his daddy right in the jaw.

(grumble grumble stealin from an 11 year old)

Costumes and animals, mm? I'm thinkin' the judge owns the local circus in some kind of blind trust.

wonders how many guys will try to pick up those "chicks"

I think this judge is brilliant!!

Dave - Chief White House Council???

And good morning you fine people!

I like this judge too. I can only imagine what he would do with pedophiles. Go judge!

Good morning, Siouxie!! And good idea on the chief counsel.

Mornin' Siouxie!!!!!!!!! *smooch*

Get your coffee??

*zips in*™

Good morning all!

Hmm. Make them wear Spipderman Underoos&Trade; and walk down a prison hallway?


I'm on my second IV drip now. and oops...yeah..counsel...not council.

*adds double shot of cuban cafe to IV*

*BLINK* *BLINK* whoa!

1. Spiderman, not Spipderman
2. Guess you can'T have a capiTal leTTer in your ™ symbol.

But was the undercover cop good looking?

And where are the pictures?

Sioux - that wasn't meant as correction. :-) How's your girl liking the "licensed driver" designation? How many times has she asked for the keys since yesterday?

EL!! Mornin'!!

I think this judge could make certain members of Congress wear donkey costu..oh...nevermind...that wouldn't change much.

Good morning, Sioux.

I hope "Judge Hawthorne" never hears a murder case. His punishments are creatively genius.

Wonder if he has children........ maybe he could write a book. *EG*

"Spipderman. Spipderman.
Does whatever a Spipder can.
Spips a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Spipderman.

Is he strong?
Listen bip,
He's got radioactive spip.
Can he swing from a thread
Take a look overhead
Hey, there
There goes the Spipderman.

In the chill of night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time.

Spipderman, Spipderman
Friendly neighborhood Spipderman
Wealth and fame
He's ingnored
Action is his reward.

To him, life is a great big bang up
Whenever there's a hang up
You'll find the Spipderman."

Hey Med!!

Well..I did give her the keys when we got home - just for her to take my car out for a "spin". That's all my heart was gonna handle at the time.

*takes two more gumballs and another shot of Hammie's scotch*

ROFLMAO, HAMMIE!!!! I was getting soooo tickled at my own misspelling (and the concomitant pronunciation) that I was out of control giggling in my library. You've just taken me right the heck over the edge!! BRILLIANT!!!!


Oh, yeah - can't forget: *WAVES @ Hammie!!!*


*stashes gumballs and Scotch in a "Siouxie-only" box under the bar*

You might need these later.

*Waves @ Siouxie and DD!!!*

Sorry about that. It's been bouncing around in my head all week because of the Simpson's Movie trailer and finally needed to be exorcised.

Hammy, you work WAY too hard at this. But I loved it except for the earwig part. Even worse, my earwig has a skip right at that blaring trumpet flourish (y'know, "bWAAAW! bWAAAW! bWAAAW! Spipederman, Spipderman does whatever....") so I keep hearing the opening over and over.

Wait, should there be three bWAAW's or four?

*Waves @ Hammie* and *SMACKS* him on the head!!

"The power of Christ compels you!!!"

all better now??

(yes, you can add exorcist to my many talents)

*SNORK!* at the Siouxercist

Hammie, I don't mind it a BIT. That's one of my favorite periodic spontaneous earworms.

jeff, i thought painesville was over by WV?

Siouxie - My demons get enough exercise, thanks.

..now if the judge had thrown a couple of squirrels in their costume, we'd have a chicken dance to write home about and they would probably lay a few eggs to scramble up.

Here ya go, pad! Just for you!

...thanks DeskD, just spewed coffee thru my nose after watching.


Oh wait, it's one of the Mysterio episodes. Cool.

*sits mesmerized*

...now DeskD, if you could conjure up the original Batman soundtrack, I would be impressed.

YES!!! A bona fide SNORK!!!

*does Midwest happy dance of joy*

* waits for DeskD after throwing out challenge *

Hey, Tex - prepare to be impressed.

DeskD - You are awesome ! But you already new that.

*winks* Why THANK you! Southern gents are so... chivalrous.

judi - Painesville is near Lake Erie and maybe an hour from PA. (Not that I have family in the area or anything...)

TOO FUNNY! What a small world. I was best friends with his daughter, I used to go to Judge C's house all the time! He's an awesome guy, very smart, and his tactics seem to work, although wild.



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