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July 31, 2007


(Thanks to Baron von Klyff)


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judi, did anyone else send this in?

Damn! I knew I shoulda done my "performance art" with mannequins first.

Did I say that out loud?

COOL! I will have to personally investigate this story. I will be driving up to Sarasota on Sat and my daughter's school is on Tamiami Trail.

Stevie, I didn't ;-)

Offended? I think I just found myself a new screensaver!!

"It's a terrible sight, especially when you got to walk the kids, you got to take the heads and turn them away."

Yeah, there's nothing more frightening to a child than a naked mannequin. Guaranteed to give 'em nightmares (or perhaps some other nocturnal phenomenon).

Punkin, with your girls...we're gonna need a bigger window.

Siouxie, are you talking about Gnu College?

Nope, fivver...Ringling School of Art & Deeeeesign! It's close to New College and right on Tam. Trail.

I wuz gonna point out that this is where Sioette studies "art," but guess I'll get back to work instead.

this calls for the old 'jewish lightning'. or maybe, that's what he is hoping for.

Good school. Yep they're close. NC was my alma mater. *wonders if the pool is still clothing optional*

I dunno much about "art" ... but I know whut I like - Albert Einstein (NNR)

CJ!! don't forget you're the only one allowed to "crash" the blogette "Hunt" party in Oct.

quittin' time!

Sio's gone while I'm still at "work" (my boss may have his doubts!), but I now have 4 sites down there, so I'll probably be around. I'll join in the reindeer games, as long as I can drink cold beers and don't hafta try to cipher puzzles. I recently finished "Citizen Vince" by Jess Walter, obtained during our last adventure, the Book Fair, and would certainly recommend him to folks interested in new reads....

CJ - I'll look into it as soon as I finish my current read - "Renovating Vintage TVs for Fun & Profit."

Uh, quite a state ya got there,Dave.


Trewe story: I successfully implanted a modern 24-inch into a pretty, old Trinotron oak cabinet, but I'm not happy with the picture quality, so my brother offered me a set he likes. We got it out of the (huge) box and the actual screen size was only 20-inch. So we packed it back up and were about to carry it out when I glimpsed the old Zenith, where it's being gently moved to the garage. My brother hung his head, seeing my expression. So now I have 5 televisions between the back door and the living room: Never Say Die!! (can you say 'bachelor'?)

I read about a hair-cutting place here in NJ where the stylists were in lingerie . . .

No, did NOT check it out . . .

I'm glad they make us wear that giant bib.

CJ - the last time I said, "bachelor," one followed me home.

Hell, last time I said "bachelor" I became one.

But I only have 3 TVs.

I guess it's not how many you have, but how many are functional.

OH! Well...that's different then.

So, AandK, what would that number be? ;)

El, that would be one.

For now.

I ain't gonna be a bachelor forever.

Oh, puh-lease!

Have I just joined a mush-fest??

*eyes roll outta sockets*

hmmm...can I have the left-over bachelors, then... A&K??

Come on, Sarasotans, it's a mannequin, for crying out loud!

I mean, "It's a terrible sight, especially when you got to walk the kids, you got to take the heads and turn them away."


CJ, good choice - Citizen Vince that is. And the Edgar Committee agreed with you.

bachelor bachelor bachelor

Ok, who helped A&K spell 'bachelor?'

I meant bacchanal.

Bad-channel? On your tv?
btw - I looked up that veggie joke - most sites attributed it to Woody Allen, but I hope not.

"I meant bacch-anal."

Isn't that redundant, cj?

(And yes, I debated whether to post that or not. but I decided to err on the side of poor taste.)

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