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July 26, 2007


A Buddhist ordination ceremony goes very, very wrong.

(Thanks to Jim Gilboy, who observes: "Ouch.")


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The blast blew his penis “to smithereens” and the bullet lodged in his left foot.

Oh man...that foot's gotta hurt!

Ordination? What type of monks bring knives and shotguns to their celebrations?

wow, and I thought redneck weddings were bad...

Whoa. Just........whoa.

Doctors said it was unlikely that Sayan would ever be able to use his sexual organs again.


Is that a shotgun in your pants or are you

Everybody's doin' a brand new dance, now
Take a sawed-off shotgun shove it in your pants, now
Just watch that li'l hair trigger when you whip it out
Or pretty soon you're doin' the twist and shout
Now Sayan, Sayan
Needs an operation to pee

Just a few letters' difference and it COULD have been Sanjaya!!

Doctors said it was unlikely that Sayan would ever be able to use his sexual organs again.

I dunno. They could come in handy as fish bait.

*RETCH* on Stevie. Oh, GAAAAAAD.


'Scuse me, Stevie. That *RETCH* was meant for fivver....

*hands Stevie a towel*

That's why I always do the Safety Dance. Can't be too careful you know.

Oh, Phuket, that had to hurt! Penis Smithereens WBAGNFARB.

Wasn't this a movie? The Buddhist Shootist.

Did anyone look up smithereens on MapQuest and go there to see if they could find his penis???

Good one, SW...Li'l Eva would be proud;)

And this story is one of the few good arguments I've ever seen for handguns.

I'm inclined to doubt every word of this story.

In one sentence the "reporter" says the weapon in question wuz a "shotgun" and in the next sentence (paragraph?) it says it wuz a "rifle" ... and then it claims the "weapon" had a trigger made of "hair" ... sorry, ya gotta pick one or the other ... tho I will admit that the word "bullet" might be a clue ... and with the "reporter" as confused as this, I'm suspectin' that the "reporter" wuz part of the drinkin' party ... besides which, most weapon "triggers" are made of steel, or brass ... some of them are even gold-plated ...

Nope ... sloppy "journalism" ... especially when we notice that there are no photographs of the "smithereens" ...

Wow. 19 comments, and no-one notes the irony of the Dateline. Y'all are slipping.

He's gonna have some 'splainin' to do when his girlfriend asks...is it in yet???


Source: Kom Chad Luek

More like...Kom Chad No Luek...just sayin'

Penisectomy? I think the real medical term is "subtractadickfromme".

Dave, the penis pistolectomy story was pretty bad, but please warn us when this kind of quote will be encountered:
“I want to warn anyone who goes swimming to wear tight-fitting underpants as a leech could crawl into your bottom or genitals and you’ll end up with the same problem as me,” K. Nong said. Just saying.

I wonder if the hair on the trigger was short and curly.

I had no idea Buddhists could party like this. And I thought he had a shogun in his pants.

Geez, Annie. If I could bottle your brilliance, I could retire in a week.

The blast blew his penis “to smithereens” and the bullet lodged in his left foot.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

OWWWW. phuket.

So now they call him "Hopalong Castrat-y?"

darn, someone made the phuket joke before I could get to it! ;) Did anyone notice the "temple trots" story below it?

Irish buddhists?

The Buddhist ordination story sounds like a plot from a Koan brothers' movie.

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