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July 29, 2007


A Festival of Wildlife


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Wow, what a wild and crazy place.

And first to check the toilet before doing my business.

And maybe the only one to comment on this topic.

Singing: I'm All Alone, There's No One Here Beside Me...

Nanananananananana, BatCan!!

Stuck on the toilet? Man, that bat must have had a really big a$$...

OK - snakes, rats and such I get. They thrive on water, but BATS? WTFBBQ?

**SNORK** CJ!!

And Buford - I thought I was the only person out here perusing the blog this afternoon, so, HI!!!! :-)

Yeah... that bat must be a wild one to be stuck in someones toilet! Maybe he needed to go really bad so he decided to pull a Jackass, not realizing his butt was too big for the hole.

I bet he's gona go on a diet, I would if my ass was that wide!

Waves at DD. I thought everyone must have been out enjoying the afternoon.

Heh, Buford! I slept my whole day away - haven't set foot out the door since I finally got up at 2:15! :-)

Not my usual sleep patterns, but we had our last show last night, then broke down the set and such until 1:00 before heading to IHOP for a couple hours to prolong the fun. GOOD times!!! :-D

Sounds like a bustling town !

No, Bethie - Bustles went out at the end of the 19th century. ;-)

I wonder how the owner of The Elms on Elm Street came up with the name for his/her business?

LOL, Suzy Q! How've you been lately? Without 24 to liveblog to, I hardly see you!

Diva---thank god for that!

So there was a bat in the batroom. Quelle surprise.

Yeah. Like my butt's not big enough as is, Bethie!!

It came in through the bathroom window
Was led there by a silver moon
But somehow found itself stuck under
The commode lid till almost noon

She said she’d been out last night drinking
Slept late, then went to use the loo
She looked inside, saw two eyes blinking
Well, she knew she’d had too much brew

Didn’t anybody hear it
Didn’t anybody see
Lady’s on the phone to dispatch
Says she really needs to pee

And so I sent the Police Department
To take the bat from her low-flow
And though they tried, that critter flew off
Leaving them covered with guano

Didn’t anybody tell her
Didn’t anybody say
When she saw her room’s condition
She gave up booze that same day.


The bat was probably rabid.

We have rabid bats, racoons and foxes in our neck of the woods. When we see one stumbling toward us in daylight hours, we release the hounds...just to distract the beasts whilst we run away.

"Maine - The Way Life SHOULD Be"

I vant to bite your ass..

I vant to be alone!


I just heard that Steve Martin got married. Congrars you wild and crazy guy!!!

Congrats, too!! ;)

Yeah, R24A - he invited his friends (75 of them) over for a party and then got married instead. Pretty cool in my book!!

Uh, yeah - What Greta said.

*mutters under breath about stoopid aliases.*

DD, I forgot that this was your last weekend. It sounds like everything went well for you. And of course partying all night. :-)

I've been doing the single parent thing, just me and the boy (the girls went to Texas for the week). He decided he needed to sleep in my room (he has missed his mom and sister more than he wants to let on). Not my usual sleep patterns either.

We get to pick them up at the airport at 1:00 AM tonight. The boy is looking forward to it.

Awww. That's sweet, Buford. :) How old is he?

I hope the girls have had a nice week, but I'm sure they'll be thrilled to get home and back into their own beds. I always am after a trip.

The boy is 9. We have had a good time so far.

My wife didn't want to go on the trip but my daughter (14) really needed someone to go with her (first plane ride, first border crossing, etc.). It didn't help that the airlines lost my wife's luggage (but got it to her 3 days later). I think my daughter had a ball but I will find out for sure when then get back later tonight.

Spider pig, spider pig!
Does whatever a spiderpig does....

Sorry! We just saw the Simpsons' movie and darned if that isn't the catchiest tune!

Congrats on the show Diva!

I wonder how any or all of the reports are related like a cross-section through time. For example, did any of the children at the cul-de-sac in the early post grow up to be the guy exposing himself in the later one?

Lol, count.

Does this toilet make my bat look big?

I wonder if perhaps the bat was also intoxicated...

Stevie - yes. :-P

Hey, ddd!!! Hope you're having a good weekend.

*hits snork at SW button, but the white-out® from changing the name comes off and sticks in between the buttons*

snorksnorksnorksnork *flips little piece out*

Hey Diva! My first weekend off in three weeks- I've had a great time! Gotta get back in those trenches tomorrow and start fighting Darwin again, though!

Nice to have that time off! How'd your first chess game go?

ddd, I saw the Simpson's yesterday too! LOVED it!

Been running around all weekend getting stuff ready for my oldest to go back to college next week. We're driving her up to Sarasota on Sat. Time did fly! *sigh*

I lost.

But it's ok- it was to male docling, and he is GOOD!

I'm gonna head to bed- long day tomorrow.


Ohhhh! Siouxie!! Missed the simul by THAT much!!
drive carefully!!

Gunite! Smooch!!

Nite ddd! *smooch*

*flaps in for a moment*

Did I mention it rained ALL WEEK last week? And it came in through the bathroom window!

Hey Ducky!!

Someone should write a song about that too! ;-)

Sorry...how's the ark coming along?

Siouxie, I ran out of wood. The beavers and the woodchucks got hold of it.

Looking on the bright (ha!) side, I was able to read my son's Harry Potter book after he finished it. Just awesome.

Night, ddd!!! I'm sorry you lost, tho - better luck next time!!

Hi, Siouxie and Ducky!!

Isn't it??? I saw an interview tonight with JK Rowling and she talks a lot about the ending...lots of spoilers too. Good thing I had already read it. My daughters are now taking turns finishing it.

I'm just finally getting started on it. Had to wait for one of the kids in my show to finish it so I could borrow it.

*flaps at Diva* Sounds like your last show was fun. I'm sure you'll miss it, but now you get to play on the blog at night again! :-)

Siouxie, I wish I'd seen that interview. Rats. Or bats.

Oops, Mom's calling...be back a little later...

I read HP through the night so my daughter could take the book on her flight the next day. I wonder if she finished it.

Spider pig, spider pig!
Does whatever a spiderpig does....

That movie was definitely worth the price of perdition.

OK - y'all have convinced me that I'm just gonna have to see The Simpsons.

I'm gonna be a couple of days finishing Harry because I have GOT to catch up on my sleep!

"Can he swing, from a web...no he can't, he's a pig. Look out...he is a spiderpig"

And on that note, I will say my goodnight! Sweet dreams to all.

Back atcha, Sioux. :-)

T/OT but I merely finished a Double-Crostic a little while ago ... quote/author wuz sumbuddy named Dave Barry ... is he famous or sumthin'?

1:37 p.m., a caller from Waterville Junior high School reported a 37-year-old man with a softball injury.

Which one is the soft one?

HP is awesome. pete, soft won? I thought hard won.

Got to BFE today JIT for Mom's fried chicken, mashed taters, gravy and homemade buttermilk biscuits. I'm loving the leftovers to you and they are on the blogbar for your gastronomical pleasure. She didn't make fried okra :-(, but that is the only thing missing from my fav meal of all times.

I may have to go home more often. Yee haw. Oh, and Sioux, my Dad has your box of wine, if you are looking for it. :-P

*flaps back in, drools over Med's mom's dinner*
*pouts about lack of fried okra*

Med, the Main Course be with you.

Thanks, Ducky. You're right. The okra wouldn't have been the same because my G'ma can't grow the okra from the nursing home. It is best fresh picked, by me, with little splinters in my fingers and forearms. Good times, good eating, great memories.

Med, I've picked okra, and it's not my favorite activity. Eating it, however, is.

Are you bringing chillens home with you?

You Rebs! Was that chillens or chitlins?

Hiya again, folks. :) Pete - aren't they BOTH soft? I mean, if one of 'em's hard, methinks there's a problem.

pete, honey chile, that was chillens. I don't like chitlins.

Diva, still pondering pete's question about balls, are you? ;-)

Time for me to flap off to bed--NOT through the bathroom window!

Nighty-night, y'all. Sweet dreams!

Well, that's what I would have thought, but the article seemed to differentiate between the two as hard and soft. I've personally just used left or right (Louie or Ronnie).

*SNORK!* @ pete. THAT's funny. :-)

Nighters, Ducky!!

*waterproofs Ducky's bathroom window*

Night, Diva. It's been a long weekend.

Night, Dear. :-) *SMOOCH*

*shuffles in to clear away the sheep, toss the cadavers out and place an order for fresh ones*

*remembers to wash hands before laying out fresh cheese danish and warming pans of eggs, english muffins, canadian bacon and hollandaise sauce, and orange and grapefruit juices. sets timer on espresso machine*

*slumps off to sleep in the corner*

*Tip-toes in, wonders why the blog smells like a farmyard, stumbles over a sleeping form in the corner, beats a hasty retreat thinking that this is not the right blog.*

Q "Who da ho?"
A "I da ho."

*Tries again, finds some of Siouxie's unused wax, figures this must be the right place after all. The floor is littered with DDD's discarded band-aids, some of Ducky's feathers, El's zipper, Annie's unused puns and other sundry blog stuff. The bar stereo is playing a selection from The Sound of Music sung by DeskDiva. just another typical Monday morning.*

whew. what an exciting state Maine is. the folks there should get away somewhere for excitement, like sunny florida, where i guess there are no flies or something. did that bat ever get OUT of the bathroom?? leaves us hanging. and great song, Ducky.

Chillins!! yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaw!

uh...wazzat? we didn' have no chillins in Cuba.

*stuffs face with goodies* Thanks, Mert!! *smooch!*

Mot?? who you callin' a ho??

wooo hoooo ^ was # 69!

*zips in*™

OK, class, let's start the day off on a happy note. All together now:

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small small small small world.

OK. Time for Frosted Flakes and juice. :)

Ish on the FF's, El. I'm having some of Mert's tasty danish!!

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