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July 27, 2007


Large cars lived 20,000-40,000 years ago.

(Thanks to chris weakley)


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Plain old wombats are pretty large now - and I'm first!!!!

Wonder if the large cars in the womabat pre-history were bigger than the ones in the ad beside the story?

Gee, I'm second, too. Or is that 2? Anyway, that wombat as shown is pretty dang big, don'tcha think?

Hat trick? Anybody here? Helloooooo?

I thought I saw a wombat driving a car in Pensacola, but it was only an old wombat-like dude. The turn signal gave him away.

With a Florida driver's license, who can tell?

Congrats to Kathybear on her quad-post on a Friday night. At least I think that's a 'congrats.' Hmmm...

psst! I'm here; I'm just hiding from the wombats.

Not Spanish motorcycle riders who hug/hold wombats the size of Minis, eh?

Does this wombat make my bus look big?

*texts Michael Archer a period. or at least some semicolons*

Yay, Kathybear! I have to agree, that wombat in the picture looks pretty damned sizeable itself! I thought wombats were small little cuddly creatures. That one could eat my dog for an appetizer!

Giant wombat bone = land oosik?

Wombat, two bat, red bat, blue bat

Aaaagghhh! That picture of the boy holding the wombat looks like someone photo-shopped my daughter's hamster, Napoleon! And Annie's pic is just...plain....scary.

"I AM big - it's the wombats that got small."

Cat - are you referring to my link, or my photo on Wyo's blog?

Bette, the wombat link, of course! LOL

Oops...my doppelganger is showing.

"Wombat apple don't spoil the whole bunch, girl"

Wombat, wombat, wombat,
I see you here today,
But when you're prehistoric,
Your butt's a Chevrolet.

I'll bet the 25,000 BC Chrysler Wombat got better mileage than today's models.

...especially if it ran on fossil fools.

I wonder if they pay Chris Weakley?

*SNORK!*@ Mr. Run.

Whoa! Richard Gere's a$$-hole must be HUGE!

What? That's not a gerbil?


More evidence that dinosaurs run the Florida Weirdness Magnate.

Haven't seen ArcticAl around today... wonder if he's busy learning Russian?

...or the Florida Wombat Magnet.

Hmmm. Apparently Florida dinosaurs have to wear their nametags on the left in order to have a beer.

or at least be able to keep their dentures from falling out.


If pypetad would've let me in here yesterday, I'd have made six or eight of those marvelous bon mots before them who could gain access would've done so ... therefore ... I'd really appreciate your proxy snorks ...

*Proxyismatic Snorks wbagnfa ... band of aging authors who always wanted to be rock stars?

The wombat in that picture is the biggest damn wombat that I have ever seen!

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