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July 05, 2007


While The Blog's away, we can concentrate on... um... art appreciation. Yeah, that's the ticket.

(Thanks from annette gaudreau)


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YUMMMMMMM!! thanks judi!!

Thank you, judi. And it's not even my birthday!

Yea, those are fake.

"Aussie Cowboys" wbagnf my next calendar ;-P *drooling*

Feeling a little...invalidated there, XMatt?


Kill the spammer, kill the spammer!

Who's got the tar? I've got a rail!

Thunder from Down Under?

OMG. I heard thunder. I saw lightning. I passed out. I think I heard the thunder and saw the lighting after I looked at the pictures, then promptly slid off my chair and hit my head on the corner of my desk.

*hands over freshly plucked chicken feathers*

Here. Siouxie's old neighbors left these. Put 'em to good use.

*returns to ogling leering drooling appraising the sexxxxy studs merchandise fine art.

Oh, casey, you KNOW it, Girl!! Hottest cowboys I've EVER seen!

Silly me...I tried TOAW, despite your warning, and I've never gotten a faster or more complete block from my corporate cyber-nanny. Guess I'll have to wait til I get home.

I thought you said his name was Art?

Rats! I ignored the warning, as the flesh is week, and the bull (Websense) got me anyway. I wanna drool too!!

Jeff, honey, if you look like those guys you don't need a name. Unless it's "get the h3ll over here, now!"

casey, "Hey YOU!" works for me ;-P

Your cyber-nanny may be doing you a favor - that post is worthy of nice and s-l-o-w perusal, preferably with a well chilled chardonnay !

You women are drooling on my keyboard; watch it!

Or "don't watch it" as the case may be.

Dial...thanks! I'll plan accordingly!

*desire to get home a.s.a.p....check.
*annoyance at I.T. dept., whose shockingly tardy response is the only thing keeping me from rushing home...check.

[...plus I have to get through the "Police" crowd swarming to Wrigley Field to get home today. Sigh.]

judi always comes through! Fine art is always meant to be shown and appreciated.

Oooooooh, I came so close to opening that. At work. Where many behaviors are very poorly tolerated. I coulda been in trouble... :)

I do not know where that one poster was comin' from - those faces are not bad either... :-P (and that's lip-lickin' there....) Thanks, Judi...

Faces, what faces? I'll have to review the link again and again and ...

whut?? wicked i'm a bit tied up at the moment appreciating art. I don't see no faces either.

After I clicked on the link I starting thinking about getting some chopsticks to help take away the images burned into my retinas.

I recognized every one of those guys from last week's sumo wrestling card. It's amazing what a little air-brushing can do these days.

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