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July 05, 2007


¹Of a woman who is unclear on the concept

(Thanks, more or less, to Siouxie)



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*Quickly removes all chop sticks from drawers and puts on safety glasses...*

And first?

Is it wrong that I'm laughing hysterically?

I'd say he was unclear on the concept too, but I'm guessing he didn't see that coming. (She probably snuck up on his bad side...)

Wow - a three-way simulfirst. This really is a Thursday, isn't it?

Darn! And I missed it!

Funny that the contributor and/or poster of this story, judi/siouxie not mentioning any names, being women, focus on the devotion of the man rather than the nastiness and cruelty of the woman. Isn't it.

So far...

Well, SW, in their defense, the guy did wait six years after the first chopstick to complain about it. Most fellows I know would have wrapped things up with a call to the police right then.

Yeah, the woman was wicked, but the guy really is a dolt. And now, for a song:

This one goes out to my one-eyed love
This one goes out to the one I left half-blind
A simple poke; a chopstick to the mind...
This one goes out to my one-eyed love

sw: wasn't the footnote clear enough for ya? ;)


*squints with his one injured good eye*

What footnote?

HEY Stevie!!

I mean really..."poke my eye out once, shame on you...poke my eye out twice..."

and a *snork* @ CH!

Chinese food anyone?? guys??

*thinking of adding chopsticks to own arsenal* hmmm

That's the downside of chinese food...poke an eye out...a couple of hours later, you just feel like poking another one...

Well, love is blind. Eventually.

LMAO Lairbo! how twueeeee.

I'm sure he was thankful she didn't have a knife at the time. Both times. *chop* *chop*

Obviously, these people never read the bible. One, it does not say, "If his eye offend thee poke it out." Two, you're supposed to turn your other cheek. Three, you need to consider the speck in your brother's eye, not the chopstick in your other eye.

Siouxie, I think the first time would have sufficed (unless he had it reattached).

... or if he was playing the pepperoni gag. Then he would have deserved it.

*zips in*™

I love this woman! The worst thing I ever did was *almost* run over my now ex-husband with a VW Bug in the middle of the street!!

*feels bad that she never thought of the chopstick/eye trick*

eye! eye! Scott!

he'd be stupid enough to reattach and go BACK to her.

Woooot!! a *zipping™* simul with El!!

I hear ya, sistah! The woman is a role model.

*hands out chopsticks to all the gals*

*covers eyes and stumbles back to work*

Excellent ditty, Clean Hands!

LMAO at El's almost run over "accident"!

*accepts chopsticks from Siouxie*

*finds fortune cookie on blogbar*

"Keep one eye on philandering mate. Remember! Love is blind."

Anyone drop this?

Two days later, he sought medical treatment and filed a police report against Po, whom he had dated since 1993.

Two days later?

I'm taking this as yet another sign that she didn't pick this guy for his smarts (or maybe she did, IYKWIM)

**SNORK** @ AFKAT!!!


His real name is Win P.Wong.


His real name is Win P.Wong.

>The worst thing I ever did was *almost* run over my now ex-husband with a VW Bug in the middle of the street!!

Guess you call that The Hate Bug.

Kwok = Moron in Chinese?

So did they break up or what?

It was a greaat day, Siouxie! It was a weekend afternoon, all the neighbors were standing around outside watching.

I stopped about a foot in front of him, left the car in the middle of the street and dramatically stormed back into the house.

Too bad it was before video cams were everywhere. I'd probably be on YouTube. ;)

What would you expect from a woman named after a Teletubby?

That explains it. He said, "Again, again."

So she kweaned his kwok.

El, you ROCK! I would have been cheering and clapping!

I have four sets of chopsticks that I got free from a winery called "Sella & Mosca" - the tag says "La Cala wines with a sense of place...Sardinia. Perfect with seafood." Who knew I would be dealing in weapons of mass destruction? And free, too....

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