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July 27, 2007


Blogging from me will be light today, as I will be out exploring nature. There is a huge amount of nature here. Sometimes it gets into the house. We've heard there is a moose in the neighborhood; so far we haven't seen it, but the neighbors have, several times. We hope it doesn't get into the house, because that would violate the rental agreement.

We have a house full of children, who have developed a keen interest in moths. They'll capture a moth, give it a name (Mo, Mo Junior, Mo Junior Junior, etc.) then take care of it, giving it food and water until it dies. Then they'll capture another moth (Mo Junior Junior Junior) and repeat the process, as the Great Circle of Moth Life continues. At this rate, there will soon be no moths left in Idaho.

We have also heard there are bears around. We have not seen one yet, but we are staying alert.


Update: I just checked, and at the moment our moth herd consists of four head of moth.


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Don't worry about the bears. They can't see you if you are wearing a blue shirt.

If the moose shows up and the kids name it, please explain to them carefully that it is absolutely essential that they name him Bullwinkle.

Unless he is a she. Then, I don't know, maybe Bullwinklette?

Dave, that's just a big moth. Not to worry.

Are you sure it's wise to let them have moths? You remember what happened to the praying mantis...


As for violating the rental agreement, just make a big show of paying some "pet rent" for it. They'll turn a blind eye.

Think about that, AmerInParis; if Bullwinkle is already there, who comes next? And what does Dave think about *them*...??

listening for bear flatulence....nice

We could use the moth example to take some of our state's politicians. We could "take care of them, giving them food and water until they die"

Then we can repeat that over and over again.

What if it's a girl moth?

*adds midol to Tex's list*

...only boy moths need apply.

Dave, just be careful with the bears. In that case, it's the kids catch one and give it food and water until you die.

you can tell what sex they are coz you can smell them mothballs.

Oh, GLORY, mud! That's a GREAT one!

Dave, since you're in bear country be sure and carry some little bells and pepper spray. Also, you need to know what kind of bears are in the area, black or grizzly. They're easily identifiable by their droppings. Black bears are generally foragers so their droppings will contain seeds, berries, grass, etc. Grizzly bears are more carnivorous so their droppings usually contain little bells and smell like pepper spray.

OK, I didn't wanna, but I gotta *snork* at AK. You actually had me goin'.


If I snork thru my nose one more time, I'm going to sue you back into the stone age !


Hopefully won't be crappin' some blue shirt remnants.

I have a very important off topic announcement to make.

I am leaving for the beach with my wonderful son and will not be blogging again until Tuesday.

I know in my heart that somehow, someway, you will be able to carry on during my absence.


BTW A&K, I heard that one before, but it was still funny the second time!

Have a great time!

*jealous of casey*

casey, have a wonderful time!!! we'll try to hang in here without you.

Just remember:

You don't have to outrun the bear. You just have to outrun the person with you.

I live 4 hours from some of the most gorgeous beachs....and haven't been in two years!!!!

casey - HAVE A BLAST!!!! You deserve it, AngelGirl. :)

Dave - Isn't it a flock of mothi? Or a gaggle of moths? I'm pretty sure moths don't travel in herds.

*imagining a moth stampede*

*imagining Dave trying to rope one*


casey, I'll take you to mijammie bitch when you come down!

mijammie bitch = Cuban for Miami Beach

Punkin - you do amuse yourself so LOL

Punkin amuses me, too! :-P

whatever you do, if you see the moose, don't give it a muffin.

lol cg!

I don't think 'Punkin' is a real person. Rumors are
that she's Dave in drag.

No offense Dave. (Punkin)

Texas, I've been in the same room with Dave AND Punkin and I can assure you, they are NOT the same person. I've also slept in the same bed as Punkin ;-)

Yes...I am a lucky girl!


Wow. So how did you manage to pull that off...bribes..begging ?

Don't get too excited, Texas. The whole event was way overrated. They both snore.

Hey, has anyone noticed that the blogging from Dave is a little light today? I wonder what's up.

Dave and moths and bears! OH, MY!

Um...and just how do you know that, Annie?
Just askin'.
'Cause there's definitely NWWT.

Texas, all of the above plus a bit of luck.

Annie??? ;-P I do NOT snore....I've never heard me.

A&K, we'll be planning a 3-some one of these days and we'll make sure to document it for the good of the blog, of course.

Did I say 'snore'? Golly, I meant 'snork.' I gotta quit having beefcake for breakfast.

Siouxie, Punkin AND Annie??!!


If I've missed Casey...aren't you in NC? I seem to recall seeing Charlotte...or I could be delirious. Would that be maybe Myrtle Beach? Or one of the NC beaches? I am in SC, about an hour and a half from Charlotte, 98 miles to MB.

Dave, watch out for the bears. Or possibly the moths.

*tosses ice water on AK*

Better? *snicker*

Dave, whatever you do, do not turn around! There appears to be a chocolate bear behind you, and that is not good for the cholesterol.

Bear: So, Dave, have you read Marx?
Dave: Yeah, I think they're from the folding chairs.

.....*SNORK!* (Took me a minute!)

damn, i'm so glad it's Friday. i had to read Annies' comment three times before i got it. coffee will not help the stupids, only a couple of days off. Belated SNORK for AWbh.

BOLO for Mothra, the Mother Moth, Dave. She is one huge beeyotch!

*pokes @ A&K*


I think we've got a waxing customer, Annie!

I don't get it

*concentrates on post*

*brain cell explodes*

Oh, dear. I think maybe that was her last only brain cell, too.


Y'all just put that wax back where you found it.

psst, Siouxie - it's hot ear wax, isn't it?
*wink, wink*

Bear: So, Dave, do you enjoy Kipling?
Dave: I dunno, I ain't never kippled before.

(Not original. Well the part about it being Dave and the bear was.)

"Blogging today will be light." (Clicks blog link closed and calls dialajoke in hopes of finding Henny Youngman at work.)

Hi, everybody. I've been gone since...well, since the Dave for Prez Q&A thing, a few weeks back. It feels like a million years.

But it's nice to jump back in and see familiar faces.

My kids had their own moth collection going in Pigeon Forge, TN, where we vacationed last week. They grow 'em pretty there. No bears, at least not by our cabin. At least not to my knowledge. But we were told the bears like to sleep on top of the jacuzzi cover in the fall.

"Blogging today will be light."

Dave is out stalking the wild baked potato with wild sour cream and chives.

"...our moth herd consists of four head of moth."

Four head of moth? sounds like part of a recipe for witches' brew.

Bear: So Dave, have you heard about the new corduroy pillows?
Dave: Sure have, they're making headlines.

Notice the mouth breathing. Dave is suffering from the altitude and appears more dizzy (or oversexed)than normal. Idaho is famous for his condition. Idaho's state motto was changed to 'The second land of Enchantment where visitors suffer breathing difficulty and need an ambulance assistance immediately'. Does his wife read this blog?

Bear: So Mick, why aren't you playing with the kids more?
Mick: A Rolling Stone gathers no moth.

Doesn't Dave look like Phil Spector in the picture? Without the hair and glasses. And from the eyes up He looks like Tony Dow. Maybe not. I have him mixed up with a guy I backed over leaving my driveway years ago. Does Dave use a pooper scooper normally. Forget it.

YEP Annie! ear wax...that's it.

la la la

Purple tee shirt is normally socially attuned garb for going catfishing. Especially on a religious holiday. Purple sweat shirt can be substituted during the months associated with higher tempertures. I know in Massecheuttes.

You know, looking at the previous picture and now this one, it appears that Idaho has a problem with petrified bears too. Watch out for that.

24Steve, if I were coming face to face with the future leader of the free world, I think I'd be petrified, too.

Siouxie ... I gnu you din't snore ... you're much too polite fer that ... I think Annie's reference in " ... they both snore ..." wuz about the "girls" ...

At least that's whut I thot the first (12) time(s) I read it ...

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