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July 30, 2007


Anybody can raft down a river. But it takes a very special breed of outdoorsperson to paddle up Clear Creek.


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A suggestion, Dave ... the next time you're "up the creek" without a paddle, be glad you've still got a canoe ...

OOh, Dave. Sexy legs!

Are those the porta-potties? You need a paddle for that? Also, your feet are missing.

At least you're wearing your Blue Shirt of Safety and Security! That'll get you through anything, Dave.

*wee-wee of mirthment*

You're wearing a life vest to use a portapotty? What a city slicker.

Shhhhh. No one ask Dave if he can spare a square. Or a paddle.

Yesterday, in Oregon, saw a porta-potty from a company called "Honey Bucket"

They call it clear creek yet the water is blue . . .

By far these guys have the best porta-potty company name/slogan.

Just how far do you expect to row inside one of those?

Remember Dave, only one square and not a spare. You'll warm your globe otherwise.

Also, your feet are missing.

Posted by: Siouxie | 06:58 PM on July 30, 2007


I'm just wondering how "clear" that "creek" really is....

You look like Jack Lord. I'm not sure if it's your hair or the fact that I believe Jack Lord is inside that door behind you beaten stupid by what appears to have been a long, heavy plastic oar.

Okay, what does 726.9600 mean? Does it mean that's how many people have used this port? Does it mean that that's how many germs you will get if you go into this box? Does it mean that Clear Creek ports are always clear by x726.9600%?

And most of all...does it men that our man of the great cannoe trip Dave, is the 726.9600 person to use this facility, therefore he wins a prize?

Which means he gets free beer, from the local guide?

AT LEAST, unlike some people I know, Dave looks good in sun-glasses.

And where is Ridley? Already on the river?

Mysteries abound, and I for one am very glad that Dave is keeping us all updated on his many journeys around the Idaho forests. And now Dave, where is the picture of you AFTER the float trip.

Best slogan on a plumbers van in Johannesburg, "Your sh1t is our business"

a google search turned up a supposed top 20 porta potty business names:
20. Happy Can Portable Toilets, Atlanta
19. Drop Zone Portable Service Inc., Frankfort, Ill.
18. Blackmas Best Seat In The House Inc., Bradley, Ill.
17. Plop Jon Inc., Port Saint Lucie, Fla.
16. A.S.A.P. Port-A-Pots Inc., Hampstead, Md.
15. Ameri-Can Engineering, Argos, Ind.
14. Bobby's Pottys, Joppa, Md.
13. Johnny On The Spot Inc., Old Bridge, N.J.
12. LepreCAN Portable Restrooms, Chicago
11. Loader-Up, Inc., Sarasota, Fla.
10. Mister Bob's Portable Toilets, Vero Beach, Fla.
9. Royal Throne, Washington, D.C.
8. Tanks Alot, Tomball, Tex.
7. Tee Pee Inc, Roseville, Mich.
6. Wizards of Ooze Ltd., Anacortes, Wash.
5. Oui Oui Enterprises Ltd., Chicago
4. Gotta Go Potties, Tobyhanna, Pa.
3. UrinBiz.com, Chicago
2. Willy Make It?, Oregon City, Oreg.
1. Doodie Calls, New Orleans

i love watching people doing river rafting...

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