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July 29, 2007


There's a horse farm near us, and every morning the horses hold a meeting. They all gather in one spot on the pasture and form a circle, heads facing in, and they stay that way for a long time. I assume they're going over the day's schedule. ("OK, we're going to eat, poop, and swish our tails. Everybody got that?" "Wait, what was number two again?")



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Number two . . . good one, Dave. :-)

Every creature needs to have meetings.

Does a simul count as a FIRST?

Nice huddle.

Which one is Peyton Manning?

Maybe a FIRST with an asterisk? *

I'm sort of watching the baseball Hall of Fame ceremony, so I'm into records and asterisks. ** :)

jeez! that many horses asses in one place. must be the board of directors of some corporation

"And let's be careful out there today. None of us wants to have to go to the hospital!"

No rickh, that many horses asses, it has to be Congress.

High five, El!

Dave, they're really saying, "I'm hungry. When are those lazy b@stards going to feed us?"

Back at ya, Renee!

Girls rule, boys drool!

And here I thought I was the only one out here on the breezy Sunday afternoon....

Nah Mot, here\'s Congress

Well, what else are they going to do? It's not like they can be bloglits, what with their hooves and all.

*goes back an rereads post*
*Finally notices comma between 'eat' and 'poop'*

Where's Wilburrrr?

And the most important horse meeting instruction: "And whichever one of us the guy in the blue shirt tries to ride, but sure to sideswipe as many trees as it takes to knock his city-slicker a$$ off."

Hay, Dave - they're farming a perimeter.

The horses instinctively know that if you can see everyone's face there will be no unwanted humpage.

Different than people that way.

Dave, don't tell everyone how cool Idaho is. They will keep coming and building golf courses and mini-malls and ruin it! Just show them pics of horse's behinds and... oh, very nice, Dave.

e_b_l is right, Dave -- Idaho should be a somewhat-kept secret, shared only with those who are worthy blog folks and Napoleon Dynamite fans. Sorta like Woot! and Tater Tots.

Idaho can keep all the secrets it wants...Have a good time, Dave. Don't let Sophie take too many pictures this time. We don't want her to have a full time job at her age...

Looks to me like they're saying -

"This butt's for you"

Registration site? Sorry, I get enuf spam (not Spam™) without beggin' for more ... merely sayin' ...

"Horse farm"?

Bumpkins like me call that a "ranch" (like the dressing but with different croutons).

It is nice to know that at least horses have the unity, to know how to work as a team and planning...Is couple of horses walk-out the meeting?
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Are you sure that the barn owner doesn't put down hay in the morning for them? It sounds like a breakfast meeting to me.

Isn't that the place that 'Famous Potatoes' on their liscense plates?
It is a great place though.

Actually it is their daily planning meeting where they review progress on their plans to take over the earth.

Trust me....there's a feed bin in the middle.

Psst, OtheU -- BugMeNot is your friend.

Psst, RtW-H ... I'm too stubborn/lazy ... altho, if I'm thinkin' it's that important, I'll do it ... most of the time (by the time I get to the site/blog/thread), the link and commentary are sumwhut stale (in the sense of me bein' on a timely schedule, NOT as to the relevance or wit of the comments their ownselfs), so it's only a looksee I'd get, and not any commentary fodder ... so ... I don't take the time ...

*Attention Target Team Leaders, it's time for the morning huddle in corral 4!*

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