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July 31, 2007


In parts of Idaho, it's still the Sixties.
Call us immature, but this sign amused us.


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Idaho? Are you sure? I see no heavy artillery.

OK. You're immature!! ;-)

"Wood River Urology, can you hold?"

What's the doc's name - I.P. Freely?

Bwahaha, fiv and Annie!

Can't read the signage, Dave. Sorry, but the crapcam is crappin out on me, or maybe I need geezer glasses.

Yeah, the crapcam is out.

Med, the sign says, "Wood River Urology, Inc." The top line is blurred out.

Wood River, flowing 'round the bends,
You're flooding my Depends, all day.
Oh flood maker, you heart breaker,
Whenever I'm going, I'm going to spray.

You dripper, off to see the doc,
May he'll have a cork for me.
I'm after that bright rainbow's end,
something that will stem,
my incontinent friend,
Wood River and me.

Thank you and good night...

Ketchum - the other white meat. Hope you had fun, Dave.

I'll try the veal.

*tips the waitress server*

I see Yellow River Urology has just opened downstream.


Featuring the Latest Eura'peein' Holistic Approach.

I'll never catch up.

Gotta go to bed.

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now.


Nighty night, ddd! Don't forget the rubber sheets!!


Missed the spammersimul by THIS much.

*flaps in for a moment*

In parts of Idaho, it's still the 1860's.

Close call, there, Diva. Do you need to see the urologist?

Oh, and *snork!* @ fivver's Moon Wood River!

Well, I did nearly suffer the Wee Wee of Dismay, but I'm good, thanks. :-D

*sings for Ducky*

Rain, rain, go away,
Come again another day!
Little Ducky wants to play!

*snork* @ Diva! We have had TWO DAYS without rain! (Shhh--don't say it too loudly.)


Really? Yay!!!! My prayers are working!!!

Seriously, I'm so glad. Have you halted work on the ark? I had a shipment of cubits all ready to send you.

Diva, any and all prayers are always welcome at the Ducky household! I think you can hang on to those cubits for a "bit."

I hope so. I'm a firm believer in prayer and its efficacy. I have a slew of folks on my list and it gets longer all the time.

Diva, I know what you mean. Sometimes I think I'll have to give up sleep just to make it through my nightly prayers.

At least I'm not the only one. :-)

*sigh* I'm watching late news and there's a story of 2 teenage girls who abducted a 19-year-old mother-to-be with the aim of killing her to take the fetus. One of the girls sat on the pregnant girl's belly in an attempt to induce labor. WTF is WRONG with people?!?!?!

Diva, that is awful. There are some pretty sick puppies out there, and they are the ones making the news. Good folks just don't get the headlines.

Hope the pregnant girl was uninjured.

She's fine, thank the Lord!! :-) I don't know how they caught them, but they did.

Good news, Diva. And on a lighter note, with apologies to the Beatles:

When you find yourself with plumbing trouble
Do not tarry, come to see
These good docs of Wood Urology
Though in those hours of darkness
You are standing, straining desperately
They’ll devise a way to let you pee.
Let you pee, let you pee
Let you pee, let you pee
With their woody wisdom, let you pee.

Goodness, it's late already. I must flap off to bed.

Nighty-night! Sweet dreams!

Ducky - you've done it again. I'm so bad at those. Really. I'm still working on something, but it's taking me forever. Hope it's still useful when I'm done!

I think that I shall never pee,
if I have to go to Wood River Urology.

*taps foot impatiently, waiting for Diva to finish her "useful something"...*

Don't know much about history
Don't know much urology
Don't know what's a vas deferens
But I see some hard evidence

But I do know my balls are blue
And I know that if you rub them, Sue
What a wonderful girl you would be.


Marfie - you'll have to wait because I have a plan for it. :)

*snorks* to Stevie, Ducky, Annie & fivver!

oops...I'm laughin' so hard I think I just pee'd in ma pants.

*looks for her Depends™*

ok...all better now. now where's the damn coffee??

BTW, that bus would be THE perfect geezer bus! I bet it's still got an 8-track tape player.

LOVE the van. wonders if the guys in the background are taking a leak.

Hola Siouxie, make mine a double espresso.

Stevie, as I understand it there's a vas deferens between guys and gals.

So THAT'S where my van got to!

Urine rare form, y'all! I'm willing to bet their is crack in that bus.

Me thinks SW and fivver were separated at birth.

Naw fivver; there's a vas defrens between canoodling and pregnancy.

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