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July 08, 2007


While Mrs. Blog is covering the men's finals at Wimbledon, Sophie and I took a walk to Hyde Park, where we found people watching the Tour de France via England on big-screen TV...


...and people making music...


...and several million flowers...


...and surprisingly affordable lodging.


(All photos by Sophie Barry)


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YAY for Sophie's photos!

Are those the Beatles???

The little bottles of firewater in the minbar are ridiculously overpriced, though.

Look, I'm so boring I listen to golf on the radio, but watching people ride bikes is too boring, even for me.

Yay for Miss Sophie!

A teepee in London?! Paris has the Pyramid, and when the Brits were running low on funds, they compromised.

The crowd seems to be in stupefaction of the "Tour de England".

BTW....Sophie is much better at "crap-cam" photography than the normal person. WTG, little one.
And Dave....are teepee's common in europe? What tribe was that?

Dave - Didn't ya take Sophie to the Tower to see the Queens Jewels?

Seems my mind is running 3 minutes behind the rest of you. plus, I really should read the posts first. I do have an excuse though (18 hrs of work yesterday) also, I'm senile. That is always a factor.

The Mexican Beatle looks like he's smokin'

Hey, Dave, didn't ya sit in with the musicians?

who bleached dave's blue shirt!?!?

Med, I hear she (the Queen) keeps Prince Philip's jewels next to hers.

Yeah, Sioux, but hers are MUCH bigger.

And on display in the Tower of Longdon, I believe.

a trifecta of *snorks* to CG, Med, and Sioux. woot!!

*snork*! Med!

gotta go...doing some stupid driving test (onaconna I got a speeding ticket a while back). it's SOOOOO boring but I have to finish it today. ugh!

laters!! have a great one!

pulls down the freudian slip letter g

Ooooohhhhh... a jazzzz, Siouxie Simul with snorks. The day is complete and it just began.

*comes back to smoke and watch Med snip Philip's longdong*

byeeeeeeee for reals!

Sooo, Sophie is a TPShooter?

Yay, Sophie- I detect a school report in the making -
Sophie: Here's a picture of my dad. He's SIXTY.
Class: Wow!!!
Sophie: He's sitting in front of a teepee just like the one he grew up in.

ok, Cj - you earned a *snork* for that one.

I still can't believe it's sunny in Moldy Olde England.

Annie - It's pretty sunny here in NEW England, too!
Everybody is happy and dancing and tossing daisies in the air! Especially all us Red Sox fans!
(There's ONE Yankee Fan, but he's in CT, crying)

Oh, and meant to tell JUDI that we saw Craig Ferguson in Boston Tuesday night wearing a Red Sox cap!

*totally gloating while the gloating's good!*

Don't go for the complimentary peyote though--you never know what's in that stuff! Sophie is well on her way to becoming a photo journalist!

Was that structure designed by famous AngloSinoIndian architect I.M.T.Pei?

Punkin - and to think I started your acting career in my VicSecret LifeAlert Bra commercial.
btw - Deeeeetroit about to sweep Bosux. Yanks up 4-0 over the Angels.

"...and to think I started your acting career in my VicSecret LifeAlert Bra commercial."

Um, just askin', annie - how long are you going to milk that?

Cool how the purple flowers in the third photo subconsciously spell out "sex."

*SNORK!!!!* Stevie:

1. HOW hilarious! You are SOOO right!!!
2. How long did you have to stare at them to catch that?!

stevie - Sophie took that photo. Behave.

Uh, Annie, I think that might be impossible. ;)

Med - oops - you're right. Forgot who I was talking about. One man's flora is another man's funny.

See it everywhere
Farrah Fawcett's sixties do
Simba's starlit sky

(The word I was looking for was subliminally, not subconsciously. Thanks to all for not correcting me.)

ot - for the kiddie opera fans out there - this from the LA Times.

Placido Domingo = Pleasant Valley Sunday?

Make like a tree and leave ... NOW!

Hate to say it, wordsmithereens (great nick!), but that link doesn't seem to work when I cut-n-paste. Did it get truncated, maybe?

That white shirt is a good look for Dave.

I think this might be the same story.

wordsmithereens link

He saw some people watching the Tour de France on TV
Walking through the grass of Hyde Park in the sun
He was sitting, wearing shades, in a teepee
Sophie took lots of pictures just for fun.

Barry's in London!

Well, I saw Dick Cheney walking with the Queen
Whispering, “Barry’s in London!”
I saw street musicians playing on the green
Singing, “Barry’s in London”
I saw Dave Barry drinking a tall mug of Guinness at the Dog & Duck
And his hair was perfect.

Barry’s in London

Ducks - you reminded me that one of the greatest alliterative lines of all time came from that tune - "A little old lady got mutilated late last night."

wordsmithereens + kristina, that story is a hoot! I hope you submitted it to the blog.

The police described the man "as a white male, between 45 and 50 years old, wearing glasses and a blue shirt".

Since Dave could easily pass for under 50, it's a good thing he has an alibi...

pogo, 'twas a truly terrific tune.

Katrina..must have been a "blue spruce"

Someone with a better memory than me: isn't Hyde Park the neighborhood that was home to Jack the Ripper?

White Chapel I believe is where the murders took place.

Great pictures! Weather looks better in England than it is in SoFla.

"Sex" spelled out in flowers? The Brits have a slightly different approach to sex.

Nice one Ducky....

Thanks, CJ! Since your roof is "feexed," did you get to do anything fun today?

Weather alert: NO RAIN today (so far)!

Today I cooked out with friends and we began working on our essay for the contest for the ice cream shop in Ohio.

Beer may have made an appearance....

You know, I thought about entering that contest myself. I wonder if you actually have to go live there, or if you could turn around and sell it off.

Beer, like Chocolate, Makes Everything Better!

That's the beauty of it. My friends are a couple from that area and have been casually looking at ways to move back, even if seasonally. I knew this before the contest came up, as I have shown them how they could collect information about properties they were interested in, on line. They love Port Clinton and the Put In Bay area, plus they are smart/fun/personable; they'd be perfect for that seasonal business and no longer want/need to work full time. I can help them out up there for 6-months and they can help me out down here the other 6 on a different seasonal business. They've been after me for years to join them in some business adventures and I'm considering it... as long as there's beer.

CJ, I wish you and your friends much luck! Ohio's too darn cold for me. Even with beer.

*hears beer mentioned. waits for crossgirl to show up.*

That band looks like the "Concrete Arse Remaindres".

LOL Brad!!

Ducky- it is VERY cold up there. When I lived in Detroit, I was half-convinced that the reason there were so many STDs was that people were just trying for the burning sensation.

Chess board pictures are up on my blog for those interested.

Of course, beer may have been involved in the contraction of the above-mentioned STDs.

Did anyone notice the headgear on the second guy from the left in the band picture above? It's one of the Gumbys!

Annie - Thank you for posting for that LA Children's Opera link. That is really tremendous and so valuable for young musicians. The closest we get in KC is the Lyric's outreach program. Meditrina's daughter got to be involved with that not too long ago, which was really awesome for her, but still nothing like this.

ddd - the link from your name isn't working right. What's your blog link again?

I think I feexed it.

dang. www.diverdowndoc.com

*zips™ in (thank you El -smooch!)*

ddd! I need your blog addy again! and btw...this is what I posted this morning to ya regarding your "chess" board.

ddd!! I miss you and our simuls!! Can't wait to see the new pics and hope all is well with you. I am in desperate need of coffee. I read your post and thought you were making a giant cheese board by your pool. NTTAWWT of course. I mean...it could work. I'd have one of those next to my giant wine box bottle.

anywhoooooooo hope to see you soon! smoochies!

Posted by: Siouxie | 09:09 AM on July 8, 2007

*snork* at ddd's explanation for STD's!

ddd's link

Fun pics, ddd!

I don't know what happened with typepad- they changed the rules now I can't do a direct link to my site. Siouxie- I miss our simuls too! And once they stop tearing up our yard, I'll get my Overstock.com table and chairs set up outside for a cheese board by the chess board!

OOh! Overstock ROCKS! This looks so cool, ddd. I can't wait to see the finished product. When do they expect it to be completely done?

They are saying in about two weeks, which in builder-time means October.

No, really- they are laying the pavers this week and they have to build a couple of boulder walls, then Jake and crew will come back and do the last 2 steps before water can go in the pool (spray deck and plaster). I don't know when the landscape goes in, but I told them I would help with that, too. I helped with the chess board and the digging of the pool (also designed most of the project). The batting cage, which was originally going to be a later stage, will go in this week when we get the poles (traded the old hot tub for it).

Mr. ddd says that it is a school night and time to go to bed. I told him that the Internet Gods are currently smiling on us and that we should enjoy their (not they're) beneficence (not that I wanted to keep blogging), but he isn't buying it. I've got an early shift, so I'll say gunite and head upstairs.


*back for a bit*

ddd! awesome pics! when do I get to go to the grand opening partay?? I'll even bring the wine AND cheese!

dang! missed a ddd simul by "this" much!!

nite nite...and smoochies!

hold my beer and watch this!
*first dive into ddd's pool*


*hands fivver Neosporin® and jumbo box of BandAids®.*

Dear fivver thought it was so cool
diverdowndoc has a new pool
"Here, hold my beer," he said
Plunged right in, cracked his head
Next time, wait till it's filled, you poor fool!


did someone say beer...!?

not happy with ddd, i go to the link looking for cool outdoor chess pics and find FROG stuff!!! without even a warning.

Here, cg - have a beer, Babe.

*passes cg a tall icy beer*

Morning all! Or, as they say in England- "Frere Jacque!"

delayed *snork* at Ducky

Sorry CG- didn't know it was an issue.

great little photojournalist your sophie!! brava!!

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