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July 30, 2007


We here in Miami have solved many problems and are ready for a relaxing afternoon at the beach.


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THANK you, judi!! Take two weeks' vacation out of petty cash.

*fixes self a blogarita and kicks back in her chair to enjoy the view*

First to say ain't no way I'm opening anything with that warning from Judi....work or home!

Your IQ just jumped 2 points, Rick. ;-)

Cool! That gets me all the way up to two. And I thought today was going to completely suck.

I also did not open this at work. I'm with Rick, too. I won't be opening it at home, either.

*pops 2 IQ points over to Schade*

Rick - I'm not buying. You forget that I know you for the intelligent, funny, witty man that you are.

Rick, I won't open anything either with that warning...or with a link to anything from International Male.

I've only got so much brain bleach on hand, after all...

*tips hat in general direction of the Diva* Thanks for the compliments, but my family, friends, and co-workers all know better. Speaking of family, time to head to the hacienda. See 'yall later tonight.

You know, you guys can always send stuff like that to me to check out for you first.

HIYA, WES!! How's life a few miles from me?

No freakin' kidding Wes. I opened one of Judi's links a while back without paying attention and I just got full use of my eyesight back.


MKJ - I get the first one, but I need some 'splaining on that second one....

=And You Can't Make Me!

Ahhhh. Very nice!!

*adds that to her acronym repertoire*

Thanks, Judi.
I happened to notice that the undergarments at the first link have the name "softwear." Now I thought that guys were supposed to have HARDwear.
Can anyone explain this?

Ack! Ewww! My eyes... hey, that one-piece body trimmer thing might work; and it's way cheaper than a gym membership...

Those did not look like problems to me.

Well, Bethie - they're not problematic now....

They got stuff in there that Borat wouldn't wear!

Don't know how many Tour de France fans there are 'round hyar, but my race viewing this year was constantly being interrupted by spectators' backsides. First was a Borat impersonator, then some guy in a red thong, then some random naked guy, all trying to run up the frickin' mountain along all the Lance wannabes who were desperately trying to ignore them.

At least this year none of them tried to lower their pants AS THEY RAN UP THE MOUNTAIN! Or maybe all those guys are scattered about the slopes of l'Alpe Darwin...

OK, I admit to having looked, just as a fathometer to judge the depths the s.b. would plumb... no naked guys, so she was being tame!

CJRun - I no longer take chances as to whether or not Judi is being tame.

So ... if all these guys are over there gettin' in the picture ... then I'm wonderin' who took the photo?

... um ... oh ... worng thread? Ooops!

Hey, Diva! Long time no see!

Just been working my tail off at work lately, including covering some night shifts for a departed coworker. I keep telling myself that all that mad overtime money will come in handy; it helps keep me awake after midnight. And fortunately I've got a couple of Metallica and Megadeth CDs for the trip home at 3:30 AM, played loudly to keep me awake...


...And for some reason the 'bot keeps saying that my comments are being flagged for "comment spam." I'm just about ready to use an Unforgivable Curse or three...

judi, you're my hero(ine).

*lays back and drools*

As to the "shape" defining bozers: Whatever happened to the time honored tradition of using a rolled up sock?

Wow, I tried to open it and then checked to see what that acronym stood for. I sure am glad the link didn't work!

Once again, Judi comes through for those of us of the female persuasion (or gay males) when Dave is on vacation........sigh

bravo, judi!

*fans self*

My fave was the one piece side trimmer in the undergarments link - whew!

What would you think if you were hooking up with a guy for the first time, he took off his shirt and pants (hopefully not Dockers) and he was wearing that?


You GO, Judi!!!!

Eleanor, I would not be thinkin', I'd be lookin'.


I have one of those body trimmer sort of things, but all my lumps are in different places and it just doesn't slim me down. Of course, I think my boobs are a bit smaller than the guy who's (not whose)wearing the one-piece body trimmer... Whoooeeee....

MARFIE!!!!!!!! Where have you BEEN?!?!?

Whoops - meant to continue that with...

((((marfie)))) Good to see you!!! :) :)

well, yum. that has already made my day. thanks judi.

Discuss, you say, Eleanor, discuss........

I,for one, find it quite, uh, stimulating to look at. However, all straight guys I know say that only gay guys wear stuff like that. Who knows?

Hypothetically (cause I'm married), if a guy I was dating stripped down to that, I'd probably have to turn off the lights cause he'd look better than I did. But what a view, huh?

Downunder, we call those things Budgie Smugglers. (erm... budgie = short for budgeriegar, small colourful bird, do I need to say more?)

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