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July 26, 2007


(Thanks to Rob White and many others)


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You're excused, Dave.

"You have reached this page in error."

Hey, MKJ. Try again - it's about an astronaut flying inebriated.

Okay so it worked the second time. Must be drunk agin'

Either that or they fixed it quick. ;-)

Ground control to Major Tom Collins....

Jose Jimenez lives!

As one of the "others" may I just say...


Ground control to Major Tom Collins on the rocks please!!!

OMFG!! Stevie!! near psychic simul there! ^5!!

Great drunken minds think alike, I guess ;-P

I always thought Major Nelson must have been a lush.

Lol, sxi. You mean 'on the rockets,' don't you?

Hey! I thought it was against Blog policy to make fun of names!

hehe...yeah or "moon rocks"

LOL Buzz!

I mean, what was really in that bottle . . .

Ok, this is just free, but if I was about to launched into the stratosphere with that much firepower under my butt, I would be drunk too!

Besides, how hard is it to dodge the occasional oncoming planet out there?

Hm. MKJ - If you had your choice, which would you rather have? A bottle of booze or a bottle of curvy girl? ;-)

Not only curvy but she'll call you "Master"!

Plus you can get her to blink you a beer.

Geezer joke:
What do Barbra Eden and Greg Norman have in common?

They're both experts at blowing Masters.

Wul, Jeezely ... whut's the problem?

It's not as if there's a lot of traffic up there to avoid ... and the Troopers prolly won't catch 'em until they can show sober on the BAC tester ...

OTOH, if I wuz flyin' with them as a pilot, I'd prolly have a bit different level of tolerance ... merely sayin' ...

My faith in NASA has been fully restored!

hey houston is it hot in here or is it just you?


'scuse me.

really, does your face hurt, coz it's been on my mind all night... i mean waitaminute...


you wanna go back to my place?

Lol, mud. Ready for take off. 3 - 2 - 1 ..where's the men's room? BLAST-OFF!!

Did you have to buy that space suit? Cos they should pay you to wear it.

Look at the odds here. About 1 in 50 astronauts doesn't get home from their flight (USA or USSR - the odds are about the same). I think I would have to be pretty fried. So long as the pilot is sober, who cares?

heeeeeeeeeeeere am I drinking from a tin can
far above the worlllllllld
planet earth is blue
and there's nothing I can dooooo

Hey, whadaya expect? They're part of an inane gubment institootion. The shuttle launches are performed in ~2 decade old photo-op craft. "Is my hair pretty?" Blast off!

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