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July 30, 2007


Anyone who believes this guy didn't know what he was asking for, please report to the Reality Fairy for an update.

(Thanks to many people, but Randy Hale first)


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I nearly went to UNT, and everyone really thought (at the college I actually did go to the first time) that those were its call letters.

Oooh, a first! Anyway, a younger guy in our little group of friends transferred there later, and SWORE that those were the call signs...even after they were telling him, "Too late, (Glix) already covered this before you came here." (It's KNTU).

*Changes "signs" to "letters".

It's for this very reason that the all the licence plates in my home province do not contain any vowels.

It's unfortunately not true, but there was supposedly, once, a Memphis radio station, run by women, called WHOR.

I heard that sxi and annie just wrote to the FCC claiming that the Fairness Doctrine mandated that their demand for KOCK be met immediately.

Call letters, license plates ... but some school districts won't allow kids to wear t-shirts with such printed on them.

I remember a radio station in Jacksonville,when I was a lad, with the letters WAPE. They billed themselves as the Big APE.

"Broadcasters use the FCC Web site to request and receive call letters with no oversight from Beavis, his partner, or any FCC regulator."

Hey, dude, nobody ASKED me!!

Having worked for 3 FCC regulated TV stations, I can honestly say they all could have gone under KWTF.

I suppose, then, KRAP is still available...?

I grew in J'ville too, and WAPE was my favorite radio station. They still do the Ape call at the top of every hour.
The only fun one we get up here is KARE. Puke!


What are the odds of finding the one guy in radio who doesn't know what KUNT sounds like? WTF?

Wes, is it?

(Yeah, I know it's fake...)

*SMACKS* Stevie!!!

hmm actually not a bad idea, after all.

"GET YOUR KOCK IN THE MORNINGS FOLKS!!" (nice family-oriented slogan for our morning show).

I like.

Last I checked, KRAK was still broadcasting out of the Sacramento area.


We used to have WAPI in Birmingham, Alabama. They used to hand out t'shirts with bananas on them. Not really that exciting.

I'm taking umbrage.

Just make sure you put it back where you found it when you're done.

Until 1998 San Jose, CA had a station with the call letters KOME.

The some of the sounder/stinger/station breaks I remember where "don't touch that dial there is KOME on it" and "K-O-M-E, your KOME (sp) spot on the radio."

Dennis Erectus was the star DJ of the station.

UPDATE: The owners have since modified their contract. They'll be going live in October on KFED.

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