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July 05, 2007


Can't live without 'em, can't get 'em to keep their damn hands off your stuff.

(Thanks to Matthew Hampton)


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OR to take sh!t apart hoping they can put it back together.

I read about this. *rolls eyes*

Sounds just like my boys, but it couldn't be, because I don't have 600 bucks to drop on a phone.

I got mine back together -- anyone want the leftover parts?


those pesky extra thingamajigs and whatchamacallits??

Well, uh, basically all of them? I think I got some of the screws back in where they belong... Some of them required a bit more force than I expected, though.

Duh! That's why they make SuperGlue. I'm supposed to put a ™ thingy here, but I don't know how.

As someone who wants an iPhone really, really, really bad let me say THESE GUYS ARE NUTS cool but NUTS!

Oh, was that yours, judi? I'm sorry...I can't help myself when I'm nervous...

time races forward
like when the wind at the beach
blows away your words

why is there demand
for a phone that does these things?
makes no sense to me

the wind blows harder
my hair turns white, i wrinkle
i try to speak, but...

*hugs mud*

very deep, mud. as opposed to very deep mud.

Hey, R2A, I've got this one that you can have for cheap... it, uh... makes cool-sounding rattley noises!

ya know...women are a more "to the point". If I wanted to find out what was inside, I'd take a hammer and smash it. Done in .5 seconds.

I'd also grab the extra "a" from up there.

*snork* at Siouxie*

Me too, S, that's the easy way. I mean, who has that kind of patience. I only scrolled through the first 5 pics and that was enough for me. ;)

UH HUH!! guys have WAAAAAYYYY too much time on their hands. (that's because WE, and by WE I don't mean ME - cuz I'd take a hammer to the guy's head before I'd let him spend $600 to take the thing apart - are too kind and do everything else).

OK, here is my quick and dirty iPhone guide. Read it and avoid looking like a dork.

1. Do not wait in line for an iPhone. They aren't going to run out, and if they do, they'll be restocked in a few days.
2. Do not buy 2 iPhones so you can use one and sell the other on ebay. The $500 model is going for bout $460 on ebay right now.
4. Do not buy 2 iPhones so you can use one and put a clever, orginal deconstruction/destruction video on YouTube and a transcript on your blog. 5000 people have already done it.
5. Do not write a book about the iPhone. Hundreds of tech writers are currently working furiously 24/7 of such books, while their wives are amorously looking at the ketchup bottle.
6. Do not become an iPhone programmer. There are already millions upon millions of iPhone programmers who just need to tweak their web page code a little to fit nicely on the screen.
7. Do not write a rant about a missing feature on the iPhone. It has already been written.
8. Do not try to hack the iPhone so that it works with Spring and Verizon. Smart people already know if you claim to, it will be a scam.

Not a big phone geek, but I thought if you could change the SIM card, you could change services and not have to use AT&T then.

Also, if you handed this to somebody just 20 years ago, they would have absolutely freaked out. The NEXT 20 years are going to be great (provided there are no more Bush's in office, that is)

Here's a column from the Online Shopper for the NYTimes about her experience with the phone, the iPhone, that is. :)

I may be a bit behind the times, but what is the big deal about an iPhone? I have had a Treo 700p for the past two years that does everything the iPhone is supposed to do, and apparently does it better, from everything I've read.

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