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July 23, 2007


Medieval Farting

(Thanks to Joe Hicks)


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Tis a fart, fart better thing....

Historical farting stories:


And to think that I passed up an opportunity to take "Philosophy of Farting 101"...

The language of farting?

Speak again, Sweet Lips ...

Sooo, are they saying it's unusual to jump and whistle when you fart? I'm so embarrassed....

To fart, or not to fart...

I once met a Theatre Person who had a Master of Fine Farts degree ... ISIANMTU!!! (That's how the newspaper printed it, NEway ...)

was roland the farter from here?

*SNORK* @ insom!

He was the Jim Carrey of his day!

Doesn't "The Whistle and Fart" sound like an English pub? Albeit one you might not want to spend a lot of time in.

"The story of Roland the Farter is told by Valerie Allen in On Farting: Laughter and Language in the Middle Ages..."

trust a woman to write a totally unfunny piece about farting. sheesh.

the character in blazing saddles named "LePetomayne" -- the name of the Governor -- well, he was a real person. LePetomayne was a french vaudevillian, whose act was.... farting. you can look it up. Mel Brooks is a genious.

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